Blair Teachers Create GoFundMe Page for Student Critically-Injured While Riding Bicycle by Allegedly Drunk Driver

Published : Friday, December 20, 2019 | 5:37 AM

Blair International Academy classmates of critically-injured ninth-grader Angel Lopez have joined with teachers to create a GoFundMe page to support the boy and his family as he recovers from being struck by a car in November while rising his bicycle.

Blair International Academy ninth-grader Angel Lopez was struck by a car on November 13 and critically injured. Now his teachers have launched a GoFundMe Page to raise money for him and his father, who has been at Angel’s hospital bedside and has not been able to work since the accident.

Blair Principal David Ibarra issued an email asking community members to “please consider donating to this worthy cause.”

Pasadena police reported the day after the collision that detectives, working with Glendora police, had located the car involved in the incident and arrested the driver.

Ibarra said that Angel was in a coma for over a week after the collision “and is slowly recuperating; soon he will be transferred to a rehabilitation hospital.”

Angel’s father is his only source of emotional and financial support at this moment, Ibarra said.

“Due to their economic situation Angel’s mother and five siblings are in Guatemala,” Ibarra said. “Since Angel is a minor, his father has had to stay with him at the hospital.”

Ibarra said the GoFundMe page may be found at:

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