Brave Citizens and First Responders to Be Honored at Thursday’s Pasadena Police and Citizen Awards Ceremony

Published : Wednesday, May 30, 2018 | 7:11 PM

Four brave citizens who put their lives at risk for the safety of others will be honored at the 2018 Pasadena Police & Citizen Awards Ceremony on Thursday in West Pasadena.

Interim Chief of Police John Perez will also award members of the Pasadena Police Department for their decades of service on the police force as well as the Medal of Merit and Explorer of the Year.

“The Pasadena Police Department is honored to recognize extraordinary, meritorious, or outstanding acts of valor and/or services which rise above and beyond what is normally expected of employees in the line of duty,” said Pasadena Police Lt. Jason Clawson and Adjutant to the Chief of Police. “The Pasadena Police Department is also privileged to officially recognize private persons or other city employees who perform meritorious acts in aiding or attempting to aid fellow citizens or other members of the department.”

“Often times, these acts go unnoticed but we are fortunate to convene an awards ceremony to showcase just a tiny handful of the accomplishments by the people most deserving of the day to day recognition that secures the public safety of our community.”

This year’s Citizen Awards will recognize Michael Janetzke, Saminh Luu-Greenberg, Gerald Pulley, and Miguel Bugarin.

Michael Janetzke

Michael Janetzke has been a volunteer with the Pasadena Police Department since 2012. In 2017, Michael took the initiative to step into the role of liaison for the Police Department’s Citizens Assisting Pasadena Police Program (CAPP) which consists of specially trained volunteers who provide uniformed, non-enforcement services throughout the Pasadena community.

Janetzke created a briefing manual for all volunteers participating in New Year’s Operations which served as a useful guide informing volunteers of their specific duties, especially as they related to the new closure plan.

Janetzke’s personal initiative developed a cloud-based database that allowed for real-time updates for registered RVs, pending RV registrations and updated volunteer patrol schedules. The new database allowed for immediate notifications to all volunteer dispatchers and volunteer phone operators as well as the Volunteer Coordinator.

According to the Pasadena Police Dept., his forward thinking allowed for greater interoperability between volunteer and sworn police operations throughout the city’s biggest event of the year.

Saminh Luu-Greenberg

As one of the city’s Assistant Prosecutors, Saminh Luu-Greenberg actively participated in the City’s Resources Against Slum Housing (CRASH) program. The CRASH program provides emergency response and abatement services for severe code violations at problem locations throughout the city.

Prosecutor Luu-Greenberg quickly became an expert at addressing the variant problems presented by packrat conditions such as abatement of drug houses, illegal squatting of vacated commercial buildings, illegal and uninhabitable housing units, homeless encampments, nuisance locations and threats to the public health.

Prosecutor Luu-Greenberg successfully resolved problem locations through mutual strength, maximizing resources, conducting inspections, holding office hearings, administrative meetings, and partnering with law enforcement efforts.

Prosecutor Luu-Greenberg was an excellent resource to the Pasadena Police Department and other entities within the city, combatting problem locations and deplorable housing conditions.

She now holds a prominent position at the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office.

Gerald Pulley and Miguel Bugarin

Gerald Pulley and Miguel Bugarin rose to the occasion in apprehending a dangerous person while on duty as security guards at the Pasadena Central Library on August 11, 2017.

As the library was about to close, Gerald approached a man conversing loudly on a cell phone and disturbing other patrons. After Gerald asked the man to take his call outside, the man became aggressive and threatened to kill Gerald. As the man became increasingly aggressive, Gerald walked to the rear parking lot of the library and the man followed Gerald with a set of bladed brass knuckles.

Concerned that the man was going to harm him or the other patrons at the library, Gerald took the opportunity to tackle and disarm the man.

Fellow security guard Miguel Bugarin heard the commotion in the parking lot and saw his co-worker wrestling with an armed individual. Fearful that his partner would be gravely injured, Miguel quickly ran to assist Gerald, and both men were eventually able to disarm the man.

Gerald and Miguel’s swift actions resulted in the successful apprehension of a subject armed with a deadly weapon and a threat to others.

The Police Department also presents the Medal of Merit award to members of the Police Department for distinguished and outstanding service of an exemplary nature.

This year the recipients are Commander Kelly Evans and Sergeant Dustin Gomez.

Commander Kelly Evans

In early 2016, Commander Evans noticed that the Department’s gym was in need of serious repair and updates and began to work with the Department’s staff, the Pasadena Police Athletic Association (PPAA), the Pasadena Police Officers Association (PPOA), and the Pasadena Police Relief Association (PPRA) to acquire funding for a new gym.

Commander Evans was instrumental in securing a new location for the gym and overseeing the demolition and eventual build-out of the new gym. On numerous weekends and on his own time, Commander Evans could be found constructing wall paneling, soundproofing blankets, drywalling, and installing television mounts and wiring for the stereo system.

As a result of his efforts, the Pasadena Police Department now has a gym that is available to all department employees to help stay physically fit.

Sergeant Dustin Gomez

In 2014, Homicide Detective Dustin Gomez re-opened the 1988 cold case investigation into murder of 39 year-old Leroy Galloway who was shot near the intersection of Lake Avenue and Orange Grove Boulevard and later died at a local hospital.

Witnesses at the scene were able to provide a description of the suspect. The Pasadena Police Department ultimately arrested Albert Ahmad Clark for Galloway’s murder.

After approximately one year in jail, the court released Clark due to a lack of evidence. The investigation went cold for over 25 years.

Detective Gomez sent original crime scene evidence to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Crime Lab for processing in 2014. Detective Gomez contacted and reinterviewed witnesses, detectives and officers from the cold case. As part of his detective work, Gomez also located and monitored the original suspect with a tracking device in an effort to garner intelligence about his daily behavior and his potential as a flight risk.

The addition of DNA evidence and enhanced witness statements allowed Detective Gomez to obtain an arrest warrant for Clark. Clark was arrested, tried for homicide and convicted of the murder of Leroy Galloway. Clark is currently in prison and awaiting sentencing.

Detective Gomez’s efforts and exemplary detective skills removed a violent criminal off the streets and finally brought closure to the Galloway family some 28 years after the murder of their loved one.

The Police Department Explorer of the Year is awarded to the Police Explorer who has not only met the minimum criteria of the program but has also gone above-and-beyond the call of duty.

This year’s recipient is Explorer Lt. Michael Bentley

Explorer Lt. Michael Bentley

Explorer Lieutenant Michael Bentley joined the Pasadena Police Department Explorer Program in 2012 and has dedicated himself to the Explorer program ever since. Bentley continues to rise through the ranks of the program to his current rank of Explorer Post Lieutenant.

At school, Bentley is organized and manages his schoolwork and Post 19 responsibilities to ensure a healthy balance.

Prior to graduating from high school, Bentley was a member of the marching band. He is currently enrolled at Citrus College and is majoring in Administrative Justice.

The Pasadena Police Department also honors department members who have reached twenty-five, thirty and thirty-five-year milestones in Policing.

35 Years

William Shipman, Marcia Taglioretti, Michael Villalovos

30 Years

Stephane Arcand, Eduardo Calatayud, Kelly Evans, Tracey Ibarra, Michael Ingram, Randall James, Hilda Jurado, Karla Kauhola, Ildefonso, Magat Luis Marquez, Antonia Martin, David Thomas, Glenn Thompson

25 Years

William brogrammer, Johnny Calderon, Francis Cutkelvin, Paul Dimacali, Johnny Mercado, Mario Ortiz, Jack Rappuchi, Schuyler Sandeen.

For information about the event, contact Officer Danny Morris at (626) 744-4282.