North Pasadena Vons, Landlord Reach Deal Keeping Market Open Until "At Least Early 2018"

Published : Wednesday, June 14, 2017 | 3:43 PM

A spokeswoman for Albertsons, Inc. said Wednesday that the Vons Market at 1390 Allen Avenue just north of Washington Boulevard, which had faced possible imminent closure, will “remain operating in this location at least through early 2018.”

Jenna Watkinson, Director, Public Affairs for Albertsons Southern California Division, said the information is a new development as of Tuesday night.

Watkinson said Albertson’s, the parent company of Vons Markets, had “reached a deal with the landlord” which makes the continuation possible in the near term.

In late May, Albertson’s had said that the store was in negotiations to renew its lease but that it was possible the store might close “in the near future.”

Watkinson had explained last month that the supermaket chain was “having discussions with the landlord to continue leasing our Vons store on N. Allen Avenue in Pasadena, [but] there is a possibility we will be forced to leave the store.”

“We are disappointed by this situation and sincerely hope we can come to an amicable agreement so we may continue to proudly serve the Pasadena community in this location as we have since 1976,” Watkinson said at that time.

Wednesday’s news was well-received by Pasadena District 2 Councilmember Margaret McAustin.

“I’m delighted Vons will continue to operate at this location through year end, and possibly beyond,” McAustin said. “It’s essential for the well being of our local neighborhoods that we have a first class grocery within walking distance that serves so many of our residents.  This location has a bright future for offering our residents a first class grocery operation. ”

The Vons location is the sole remaining large supermarket in the area. Its possible closure has given residents across a wide swath of North Pasadena and East Altadena cause for concern.



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