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Cabrera’s Serving Pasadena Authentic Mexican Cuisine for 33 Years

Published: Monday, May 14, 2018 | 5:16 PM


Since 1985, the good folks at Cabrera’s Mexican Cuisine has been serving authentic Mexican food to Pasadena residents and surrounding areas.


Today,Cabrera’s Mexican Cuisine operates and owns three locations that specializes in Mexican-American food and other dishes.


UntitledCabrera’s Mexican Cuisine serves delicious and fresh food to various ranges of clients with different backgrounds.


They earned their reputation through word of mouth and recurrence…


Just take a look at their menu and you’ll understand why so many people continue to frequent Cabrera’s over the past 33 years.


They serve everything from nachos and quesadillas to Camarones Aguachile, which is large raw shrimp marinated and submerged in seasoned spicy lemon juice and salt with slices of onion and cucumber.


And on those days where you just can’t the leave the office, but want to treat your employees to a good lunch, Cabrera’s also caters.


They have a catering menu where you can choose from 11 different menu items. Just call 24 hours in advance and they can have it ready for you by lunch time the next day.


So, if you are looking for authentic Mexican Cuisine come to Cabrera’s!


Cabrera’s Mexican Cuisine is located at 655 N. Lake Avenue.









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