Cal Poly Pomona Moves Ahead With $4.3 Million Rose Float Lab and Design Complex

Published : Tuesday, September 17, 2019 | 5:23 PM

Construction on the Rose Float Lab and Design Complex is set to start later this month. The complex is scheduled to open in January 2021. Image courtesy of Richard Burrow

The California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, will begin construction this month on a new Rose Float Lab and Design Complex, where the university’s floats for the Rose Parade in Pasadena could be built beginning possibly in 2021.

A report in The Poly Post, Cal Poly Pomona’s student newspaper, on Tuesday said work is expected to begin soon after a six-month delay.

“The construction for the Rose Float Lab has been confirmed at $4.3 million, through the bidding process by construction contractor, Woodcliff Corporation,” the report quoted a statement by Krista Spangler, director of development for the Division of Student Affairs.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held at the complex on November 21 last year, when construction was then expected to start early in 2019. Planning for a larger building – from the original 5,700 square feet planned to 7,200 square feet – took longer than anticipated, leading to a delay in the construction, the report said.

Planning for the new lab has been in the works since 2007, although the project was officially announced only in October 2017, according to the report. Heather Hanson, interim director of the Cal Poly Pomona Rose Float, said it will take about 14 months for construction workers to complete the new Rose Float Lab and Design Complex.

Spangler anticipates the grand opening to happen in early 2021. The lab will be built near Kellogg Drive in Pomona.

Currently, Cal Poly Pomona’s Rose Float team works outside Building 64 in the university complex, with only partial protection from the elements. It’s the same spot where alumnus Don Miller led the construction of the first float 90 days before the Pasadena Rose Parade in 1949.

For the 2020 Rose Parade, Cal Poly Pomona is building its entry themed “Aquatic Aspirations.”






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