Caltech Alumni to Gather for Annual Reunion Weekend and Seminar Day

Published : Monday, May 14, 2018 | 6:52 PM

Credit: Caltech Alumni Association

This month, Caltech will welcome to campus as many as 1,500 alumni, family members, and friends for Reunion Weekend and 81st Annual Seminar Day. Throughout the weekend of May 17 – 20, alumni will have the opportunity to revisit their Caltech experience through talks, division open houses, and poster sessions; reconnect with their fellow Techers; and relive memories and discover what has changed—and what hasn’t—since their time on campus.

Undergraduate class years ending in 3 and 8 will celebrate their 5th – 70th reunions and the Class of 1968 will be inducted into the Half Century Club at a special luncheon.

Included in the weekend lineup is Seminar Day, which offers alumni the opportunity to once again become immersed in a full day of lifelong learning alongside current students and faculty members. Featuring the latest discoveries from Caltech scientists and engineers across all six divisions and JPL, and spotlighting undergraduate and graduate research, the event will give attendees a firsthand look at the Institute’s revolutionary contributions to science and society.

Among the 16 featured presentations will be the latest chapter in the story of water on Mars; the potential impact of insights into jellyfish biology on human health and technology; the current status of the search for planets similar to Earth; and how a freeloading beetle dons a disguise to infiltrate a tight-knit ant society.

During Seminar Day’s General Session, keynote speaker Michelle Feynman will talk about what it was like “Growing up Feynman”; in addition, this year’s recipients of the Distinguished Alumni Award—Gary Demos (BS ’71), Gary A. Flandro (MS ’60, PhD ’67), Jessica Tuchman Mathews (PhD ’74), Arthur B. McDonald (PhD ’70), and Ronald H. Willens (BS ’53, MS ’54, PhD ’61)—will be honored.







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