Lineage Dance Explores the Dark Melancholy Loneliness of Suicide

Even in death relationships continue to evolve. “Ceiling in the Floor” explores the dark melancholy loneliness of suicide, unveiling an inspired, true story about the way two lives are bound together through music and dance. Choreographer Hilary Thomas brings riveting movement to the collection of raw music composed by Brandon Toh throughout his short, inspired life. Thomas and Toh were best friends, soul-mates, and creative…

Lineage Dance Gala Benefits the Arts Through Dance

Dance organizations usually offer classes for people who want to be dancers, but Lineage Performing Arts Center takes the art further by providing free outreach classes for people with Down Syndrome, Parkinson’s, and cancer, as…

Ole! Pasadena Dance Theatre Hosts First Gala in Years

Every morning these skilled athletes wake up aching. Yet a viewer would never know it from watching the graceful dance performance that appear seamlessly effortless. In the dance realm a day off hardly exists, rather…

Women’s Stories Come Alive Through Dance

“Everyone has their own story,” Gloria Killian, founder of ACWIP said after the event. “ Whether it’s a woman in prison or a woman with Parkinson’s both stories tend to get overlooked but tonight each…

Lineage Dance Explores the Heartaches (and Joys) of Loss in New Production

  Losing him brought out my deepest fears, my need to protect myself from my pain. But it also brought about this need in me to love harder, to trust more fully, to enjoy and…

Dance Events

Sunday, January 04 - 1:30 pm A Victorian Tea Dance Social

Saturday, February 28 - 1:00 pm Invertigo Dance Theatre Performance

Sunday, March 01 - 1:00 pm Invertigo Dance Theatre Performance

Tuesday, December 23

80 Pasadena Dancers to Stage “The Nutcracker” Ballet Piece

More than 80 dancers will bring to life the imagination of  Clara’s magical Christmas Eve dream during the performances of “The Nutcracker” at San Gabriel…

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