Burn Calories, Stay Cool, Go Swim

Is eating all you can think about these days? When the holiday season comes to an end, you might be wondering why you look different. Different, in this case,...... Read More

A plethora of health benefits

Swimming Towards Health

Swimming is always fun. Who doesn’t like cooling one’s self down, splashing happily with friends, while enjoying a feeling of weightlessness? But swimming is more than that. It’s a complete workout that has a plethora of health benefits for both young and old. Swimming for just 30 minutes does more good than running or hitting ...

Basketball Camp

Basketball Pointers From A Living Legend

Unlike other sports where strength is sometimes more important than skill, in basketball players can find success through skills and playing intelligently. This July, California Community College Men’s Basketball Coaches Association (CCCMBCA) Hall of Fame inductee George Terzian will be holding his 40th annual Pasadena Bulldog Basketball Camp at the Pasadena Nazarene Church Gym. “We ...

Fitness in Education

Preschoolers Ran 500+ Miles at Clairbourn School

Proving that physical fitness isn’t just something for the big kids, Clairbourn’s youngest students, ranging in age from three to five-years-old, spent part of their recess time during the school year on fitness challenges. Their accomplishments are nothing short of astonishing! Driven by a desire for her class to be more active, preschool teacher Ruth ...

Cycling Fantasy

Gran Fondo Giro D’Italia Los Angeles Pasadena: The Ultimate Cycling Fantasy

While the excitement and the emotions of the Giro d’Italia keep bike enthusiasts dreaming nationwide (and beyond!), it’s time to shape up for the upcoming Gran Fondo Giro d’Italia, a mass pedal fest to be held on Sunday, June 2 in Pasadena! Get ready to roll and go: breathtaking views of the San Gabriel Valley ...

Honing Your Child's Skills

A Summer Camp for Champs

Dives and turns clinic

Waterworks Aquatics’ Offers Dives and Turns Clinic

Darting through the water is just half of what competitive swimming is all about. It doesn’t matter if a swimmer can slice through water like a sailfish, if one can’t dive and turn, one lose. Competitive swimmers spend just as much time learning and training how to dive and turn. Just like the swim stroke, ...

Value of a Swimming Class

What Makes a Swimming Class Worth It?

One of the life skills worth learning, no matter how old you are, is swimming. You can ride a bike, drive a car, or even play a musical instrument, but without swimming checked off your list of life skills, you won’t fully understand its importance. The importance of learning how to swim is like learning ...

Run with Kidspace Museum and Pasadena Marathon

Run with Pasadena Marathon and Kidspace Children’s Museum

Pasadena Marathon and Kidspace Children’s Museum can’t wait to bring a uniquely engaging experience for children on race day—Sunday, June 30th, 2013. Children age three and up participating in the 1K Kids Run are invited to join the fun onsite at the Kidspace Kids Zone, which will be open for the duration of the Pasadena ...

Swim School Grand Opening

Waterworks Aquatics Swim School Grand Opening – A Huge Success

Waterworks Aquatics opened with a big splash in Pasadena last week (May 24, 2013). Hundreds of parents and children came out to tour the brand new, indoor state-of-the art swimming facility and take part in the festivities. The ribbon cutting ceremony took place at noon and founder, Jon Alpert, said a few words thanking everyone ...

Bike to Work!

The Langham Participates in Pasadena’s Bike to Work Week

The Langham Huntington, Pasadena is participating in Pasadena Bike Week (May 13-18), encouraging employees to leave their cars at home and ride their bicycles to work. The hotel will provide its employees with bicycle routes and metro line time tables to encourage commuting via bicycle and public transportation, and it will distribute bicycle repair kits ...

Athletics Training

Training The Ideal Student-Athlete

They say in sports, if you’re not willing to give 120%, somebody else will. Student-athletes looking to get a college basketball scholarship face tough competition. To get a leg up, students need all the help they can get. But not just any kind of help, what students need is a specialized kind of help that ...