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The Sushi Equinox

Springtime. Primavera. ばね時間. Printemps. Call it what you want, but it means the renewal of everything. Clean your house, water the flowers, hose down the driveway, get on the Gold Line,...... Read More

Make a Super Impression

So there’s that game this Sunday, your friends and office buddies are coming by, and you want to make sure you have more on your table than a jumbo-size bag of tortilla chips and some nuclear guacamole by-product served in its container? Dare we say it, you want something proper? The Flintridge Proper is catering ...

Warm Yourself Up With 1886 Bar’s New Winter Cocktail Menu!

The holidays are over and the New Year has begun. No more stress about shopping for that perfect gift or what dessert to bring to your neighbor’s party; now it’s time to de-stress and unwind with 1886 Bar at The Raymond as they unveil their latest winter cocktail menu. This time around, the 1886 bar ...

Our dinner with Jake

Being Authentic

(Editor’s note: We’re coming to the end of Cheeseburger week, and it’s been filling, I mean, fulfilling. Now, contributing writer Dave Auslender takes us nearer to the finish line with Jake’s.) I’ve been to Jake’s many times. It’s always been great, and it’s always been to shoot pool. This isn’t a bad thing, but in ...

Crispy cheese at Umami

In Search of Umami

Firmly snuggled in between Romantix, the homey X-rated porn and toy store, and The Intelligentsia Cafe,  a heady student-filled respite for caffeine-addled, culture-cramming PCC students—Umami Burger patiently sits, Zen-like, waiting to catch customers from both sides of the aisle. And catch them it does, and many others. Umami Burger appeals to a wide variety of ...

Yes, cheeseburgers at Vertical Wine Bistro!

Cheeseburger Week Report: Grudge Match at the Top of the Stairs

The Counter makes burgers by design

Cheeseburger Review: Step Right Up

All about the cheese

More Than a Pub Cheeseburger

South Pasadena's new "must-visit" restaurant

The Right Side of the Tracks

New Restaurant

New Restaurant Report: Union-izing

James Beard-nominated and two-time TV cooking show winner Bruce Kalman believes in letting the food speak. There was no formal media opening for his new Northern Italian-themed restaurant, Union; no velvet ropes, no special, invite-only foodie parties. He simply opened the front doors onto Union Avenue. The food did the rest. From the opening overture ...


168 Welcomes Chinese New Year with Special Menu

168 Pasadena will welcome the Chinese New Year with luck as it offers special menu items, red envelope drawings, wine and sake specials, and a wishing tree from January 29 to February 5. The special menu will include Half Peking Duck with steamed baos and hoisin sauce; Steamed Striped Bass steamed with ginger, sake and ...

Classic Twist at Haven Gastropub

Cheeseburger Week Review: Twist on a Classic

(Editor’s note: Nearing the end of our cheese, beef and bun odyssey,we found time and the room somehow, to explore yet one more. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Haven GastroPub in Old Pasadena.) Nestled away off the bustling Colorado Boulevard at Delacey, Haven Gastropub has been busily brewing its own beers and serving a ...

Pie 'N Burger

$10.95 on the Richter Scale

Ever since young Lionel Sternberger “accidentally” created the cheeseburger at The Rite Spot in 1924, earnest, erstwhile chefs and newcomers to the Pasadena community have brought bacon infusions, sliders on Portuguese bread, chili, kale, brussel sprouts and anything else that might elevate the cheeseburger equation.  Sometimes it feels like an earthquake has hit your table ...

A fine Swine Burger at Robin's.

Robin’s: Still Grillin’

After 32 years of plying his trade at one of the finest BBQ joints in the nation, Robin Salzer knows his way around a cheeseburger—especially a BBQ version. First, some backstory: Salzer first visited the Golden State 32 years ago, during a Christmas week when the wind chill factor was officially -Too Many Below Zero ...

Yes, cheeseburgers at Vertical Wine Bistro!

Cheeseburger Week Report: Grudge Match at the Top of the Stairs

The 22 steps leading to Vertical Wine Bistro take you on a hard-boiled (well, sunny side up, but we’ll get to that later) adventure. Ushered to my seat by the world’s loveliest hostess, the cheeseburger selection is full of walloping action. The M Bison burger is too adventuresome for my taste, and though I consider ...