At Home

Erika Bruder: Designing the Designs

(Editor’s note: This is a continuing series of profiles of the designers involved in the 2014 Pasadena Showcase House of Design, one of the most successful Showcase Houses in...... Read More

At Home

Building Smarter Homes

Are you smarter than your house? Okay, trick question. These days, though, the modern home is programmed to think of everything at the touch of a smartphone or tablet. Set the lights and music for company to arrive while you’re at work? Done. Turn off everything after your kids have left the house and left ...

Handcrafted Fine Furniture

Design Resource Gallery Opens Pasadena to Hillside Custom Craft Furniture

Pasadena-based Design Resource Gallery (DRG) is set to hold its grand opening on Saturday, Aug. 27, after Hillside Custom Craft Furniture granted it the right to be its exclusive outlet. Hillside Custom Craft Furniture has been commissioned by some of the most renowned interior design firms in the country and it will be bringing its ...

Bungalow Expert

Bob the Expert Bungalow Beautifier

A man’s home is his castle, and whatever happens, a man should ensure his castle is kept in perfect order and well-maintained. Especially homes of the historic variety such as Craftsman Bungalows. Pasadena holds a very special place in its heart for bungalows, both figuratively and literally. In a 16-block area bordered by Orange Grove ...

Someone who can do it all...

Bob the Builder (Yes He Can!)

When DIY improvements don’t go your way, there’s one man who can make it all right. Bob Hatch, of Bob Hatch Builds, is someone who can do it all when it comes to construction. And then some. A general building, engineering and demolition contractor, Hatch has been in the business ever since he was a ...

Tiffany's Endearing Qualities

Bustamante Shows Knows Tiffany Glass

Historical Antiques

Investing In History

Showcase House Designers

Showcase House Designer Spotlight: Ederra Design Studio

(Editor’s note: This is a continuing series of profiles of the designers involved in the 2014 Pasadena Showcase House of Design, one of the most successful Showcase Houses in the country. Each year a magnificent estate in the Pasadena area is selected. The property is then completely renovated by leading interior and exterior designers. The ...

Anniversary celebration

Les Jardins USA Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Pasadena-based Les Jardins USA, the American subsidiary of the award-winning, high-end France-based outdoor furniture manufacturer Les Jardins, is turning 10 years old in 2013. To celebrate, the company is unveiling a new logo, a revamped website at and a string of products from a trusted brand that has become known worldwide not only for ...

Hardwood Floors

Why Go The Hardwood Route?

If you were to choose between two, say, tables, which would you choose? The plastic one or the wooden one? If you’re like most Americans, you’d most likely choose the wooden table. There’s something about wood that exudes class and elegance. When it comes to flooring, you won’t be faced with a simple choice however, ...

Carpet Connoisseurs

Choosing Carpets is A Rugged Experience

When choosing a carpet, don’t let the rug get pulled out from under you. A visit to Sav-On Carpet & Drapery can spare you a most rugged experience. Located at 3740 E. Foothill Blvd., Sav-On Carpet & Drapery has been serving the Pasadena area since 1958 and is considered amongst the most respected and experienced ...

Reusing Antiques

Something New From Something Old

When talking about antiques, most think about expensive pieces from bygone eras that are bought as an investment and for something to display. What most don’t know though, is that some antiques are affordable and can be used other than display purposes. Repurposing salvaged materials to be used as functional decor has been around for ...

Historical Antiques

Investing In History

In this time of recession, many are wondering how to safely invest their money. Banks are not as stable as they once were, stocks are unpredictable, and gold is not as reliable. The answer lies in Bustamante Antique Shows and Book Fairs. Invest in history. Historical artifacts, especially the ones with good providence, fetch premium ...