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Building Better Baby Moms

Baby on the way? Baby in the house? These days you’ve probably been to Target so many times the employees ask you for directions, but now the endless search...... Read More

Careful! Don’t Take That Payout Money and Run

It’s sad, but true. For many Californians, the pain of a minor automobile accident only gets much worse after the accident itself is all over, the glass swept up, and injuries patched. Because after being smashed into by another driver, accident victims often head right into another painful collision with their own insurance company. In ...

Make Sure She Says ‘Yes’

You’re getting married! At least you hope you are. This might be a good time to increase your chances of a “yes” by enlisting the services of a friend. The Langham Huntington Hotel is offering a $100,000 marriage proposal package throughout the year as a part of its 100th year anniversary celebration. This “Proposal of ...

Making One’s Way of Life Less Expensive and Cleaner with an IZIP Metro eBike

I sold an electric bike to a young man last month, and he came in recently for a few adjustments. While I worked on the bike, he talked about his experience using an electric bike as his only mode of transportation. When he first came to my shop, he had already decided to buy an ...

A month of smiles?

October is the Month of Smiles

Oktoberfest, pizza month, and Halloween equals beer, pizza, and candies. The mere mention of these October celebrations is enough to make your teeth quake in its roots. Fortunately, October is also National Dental Hygiene Month, so it all peters out right? It does, if you practice proper dental hygiene. As part of National Dental Hygiene ...

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A Sharper Idea

  Ah, the fine art of shaving. Did you know that before the advent of razors, people used two shells to pull the hair out? Ow. That hurt just to type that. Copper razors were finally invented in 3000 B.C. But it wasn’t just to look neat, or to ace that job interview. Alexander the ...

25 years of babies

Nudging Nature

Sometimes Mother Nature needs a nudge. When young couples eager to raise a family find that, for one reason or another, nature isn’t cooperating, that’s when modern technology steps in.  And some of the newest of that technology is being used in Pasadena at HRC Fertility (HRC), currently celebrating its 25th year of creating life. ...

Clothes that can take it

We Can Work it Out

CrossFit. No, it’s not a plumbing component. It’s a popular strength and conditioning program that improves muscular strength, your cardio-respiratory endurance, and your flexibility. Think of it as a combination of aerobics, gymnastics exercises, and some serious weight lifting. The workouts include a warm-up, and then the high-intensity “workout of the day” or “WOD,” along ...

A simple yet effective way in treating sleep apnea

A Dental Device to Treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Are you always tired during the day? Do you wake up with morning headaches and/or a dry mouth? Are you suffering from personality changes or depression? Does your partner or roommate complain of your excessive snoring? Do you suffer from lapses in memory and concentration? If so, then you might be suffering from obstructive sleep ...

Choosing the right reading material...

The Art of Proper Reading

When we read, we either read for information (serious reading) or read to pass the time (bed reading). Reading for information means we hope to improve our minds from it, while reading to pass the time is a means to keep us entertained. Serious reading and bed reading are two sides of the same coin. ...

Motivating kids to read!

Teaching Little Ones to Love Literature

Parents with kids know that kids have a complicated relationship with books. Some books get all dog-eared and worn with use, while some sit on shelves looking as new as the day it was bought. To get kids to love books more, it is best to understand its value and focus on what kids need. ...