Celebrate the Springtime

Domenico’s offers healthy seasonal choices

By EDDIE RIVERA, Editor, Living Section
Published: Monday, April 28, 2014 | 5:26 PM

Springtime means the rebirth of everything we love. The Italian word for “spring” is “Primavera,” but linguists and linguini lovers alike can check out the real definition by visiting family-owned Domenico’s, one of Pasadena’s oldest restaurants.

Their spring menu features not only pizzas (with 20 different toppings to choose from) and pastas, their vast array of original Italian dishes like gnocchi and ravioli, but of course, a Pasta Primavera—spring pasta with fresh pasta and fresh, healthy vegetables.

Spring is also about being and eating green, and Domenico’s is all about that. There is a veggie pizza piled high with healthy crunchy stuff, sautéed mushrooms, and did we mention zucchini?

Domenico’s features some of the tastiest fresh fried zucchini sticks served up with an equally tasty marinara sauce for dipping.

The Pasta with Pesto, baked eggplant and a wide array of salads are all smart healthy choices to celebrate the most beautiful season with. Speaking of salads, Domenico’s is particularly well known for its antipasto, doused with its home-made Italian dressing.

Something else? There is of course, their famous BBQ Chicken, or maybe a Calzone? Think of it as a pizza in a pocket!

Every great time, and every great season, is marked by great eating. So, celebrate new flowers, blue skies, sunny days, and sparkling evenings at that place on Washington called Domenico’s.

Domenico’s is at 2411 East Washington Boulevard, Pasadena. (626) 797-6459.

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