Celebrities Lend Their Faces to Help Pasadena Charity

Published : Wednesday, October 17, 2018 | 8:06 AM

Left: Kathleen Hanna / Right: Tees 4 Togo T Shirts

Major celebrities in the music and entertainment industry like Kim Gordon, Patton Oswalt, W. Kamua Bell, Seth Bogart, Justin Vivian Bond and Kristen Schaal are putting their faces out there for a worthy Pasadena nonprofit.

The faces of these major musicians, actors and comedians along with music royalty including Joan Jett and Grimes are being featured on a new t-shirt line exclusively designed to help girls in the South African country of Togo continue their education.

It’s the brainstorm of Kathleen Hanna, of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre, and who is widely known for creating the feminist riot grrl movement in the 1980’s.

Tuesday, Hanna announced her new new t-shirt line,Tees 4 Togo where all the money raised will go to Peace Sisters, a Pasadena non-profit that helps pay school tuition for underprivileged young girls in Togo.

Hanna came up with the idea after meeting Peace Sisters founder Tina Kampor. A former teacher in Togo who immigrated from Togo 15 years ago and now lives in Pasadena. Hanna said she was shocked to learn that many girls who come from poor families or who are orphaned do not attend school past the fifth grade because it costs money.

Hanna’s husband, Adam “Ad-Rock Horovitz of the Beastie Boys, and her former bandmate JD Samson will also appear on t-shirts.

The money from each $40 t-shirt sends a girl to school for a year. They are available for order at Tees 4 Togo. So far, the organization has helped put 130 girls in Togo continue their education.

For more about Peace Sisters, click here.

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