Check Out Pasadena's Fire Station 39 First-Ever Open House, See Demonstrations, Meet Sparky

Published : Friday, August 11, 2017 | 8:49 PM

Photo courtesy of the Pasadena Fire Dept.

The Pasadena Fire Department will host an Open House Saturday, August 12, at Station 39, located at 50 S. Avenue 64, where the Fire Department services and maintains the breathing apparatus used by firefighters.

Located near the 134 freeway, Station 39 services the southwest area of Pasadena and responds to freeway accidents as the most adjacent station.

Pasadena Fire Department spokesperson Lisa Derderian said people dropping by on Saturday will meet Fire Chief Bertral Washington and will see a demonstration of the equipment the City’s firefighters use in their work.

“We’re going to have a demonstration of our breathing apparatus, the mask and the bottles that our fire personnel wear when they go in to hazardous conditions, whether it be a fire, or a hazardous material incident,” Derderian said. “This is a station that maintains and services the breathing apparatus, so we’ll give a demonstration on how it works, how much it weighs, what the requirements are to keep it up to date, and the best condition for our fire personnel.”

As one of the newer fire stations in Pasadena, Station 39 will also showcase a fire engine which happens to be one of the newer engines in the City fleet as well.

“We will have what we call the turnouts. There will be the yellow jacket and pants that the fire personnel wear into fires,” Derderian adds. “We will have to demonstrate in addition to the breathing apparatus and interact with all of the fire personnel that work at that station, in addition to the fire chief and the battalion chief that will be there.”

The Fire Department alternates its Open House at different stations throughout the City every other month, and this will be the first it will be at Station 39, Derderian said.

Pasadena’s robot firetruck, called Freddie, may also be deployed at the location for little kids to see as well.

Representatives from Pasadena Water and Power, the public library, the police departments and vendors will be on site to showcase their own disaster preparedness plans.

The Open House is from 9 to 11 a.m. The station is located about two blocks south of Colorado Blvd.

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