City Clerk Salary Bump on City Council To-Do List

Published : Sunday, April 7, 2019 | 5:30 AM

The City Council is to consider the matter of a pay raise for City Clerk Mark Jomsky when it meets April 8.

The proposal would make Jomsky’s annual compensation $183,960.19, including a one-time payment of $9,000. The action is retroactive to Nov. 2018, which may account for the lump sum amount.

The agenda item does not mention the City Clerk’s current pay rate, but it does note that the fiscal impact of Item 9 would be $16,600.

Mark Jomsky, who lives with his wife and three daughters in the San Fernando Valley, was appointed by the City Council in July 2008.

On his role as City Clerk, Mark Jomsky (at far right) discusses the eligibility of the final ballots to be counted in the 2016 District 7 Council Seat race in 2016 with candidate Phil Hosp (far left) and opponent and ultimate victor Andy Wilson's attorney George Yin (center).

He is a graduate of the University of California Irvine where he took his bachelor’s degree in political science. He has a masters degree in public administration from Cal State Long Beach.

Jomsky started out in Pasadena as a senior assistant city clerk in 2005. He has held like positions with the City of Calabasas and worked as a recreation specialist for the City of Mission Viejo earlier in his career.

According to the Pasadena City Charter, the City Clerk shall attend all meetings and prepare the minutes. He is responsible for the city seal, books, records, papers, and archives belonging to the City.

The appointee must maintain an index of all records in their custody, administer the City’s records management program, as well as manage and supervise all municipal elections. The City Clerk also administers oaths and takes affidavits related to City business.

The clerk is in charge of all City legal notices and ordinances and must, “attest the signatures of city officers on documents that have been executed as authorized by resolution, ordinance or statute.”

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