City Commission Will Review Rotating Arts Program That Puts Art in City Neighborhoods

Published : Monday, August 7, 2017 | 5:22 PM


Artwork created by the artists whose works will be a part of Pasadena's Rotating Arts Prpogram

Eight new works of art, the majority by Southern California artists, will soon be on display at different public areas in Pasadena, as part of the City’s Rotating Public Art Exhibition Program, now entering Phase III this year.

The artworks, five of which are existing work that will be loaned to the program and three of which are artist proposals for on-site specific locations, will be reviewed – and likely be approved – when the Pasadena Arts and Culture Commission meets on Wednesday for its regular monthly meeting.

The City’s Planning and Community Development Department has recommended approval of the artworks, selected earlier from a field of 22 artist and artist team submissions that were in response to a Request for Proposal published in March.

In July, a Phase III selection panel, which included 11 neighborhood representatives, public arts professionals, and representatives from Pasadena’s Public Works and Transportation departments, convened to review the art proposals and discuss their recommendations.

According to a project timeline, the approved artworks will be installed phase by phase, beginning in the fall or winter of 2017 for the loaned artworks and in the spring of 2018 for site-specific artworks. The artworks will be on display at selected sites in the City for about 18 months.

Launched in 2011, the Rotating Public Arts Exhibition Program seeks to create an outdoor art gallery to enliven the Pasadena urban landscape by creating a dynamic visual experience for residents and visitors, creating more venues for artwork, and increasing exposure and opportunities for artists who live and work in the City.

The program also intends to educate the public about public art, provide a cultural draw for tourists and provide entrée for artists new to public art.

In its first year, the Rotating Public Art Exhibition Program saw the installation of nine public art projects which remained on exhibit for a period of 18 months. The Program gained local, regional and national attention and praise, with some of the most positive responses received from adjacent neighbors as well as local residents, tourists, artists, and other municipalities.

Based on positive community response to the Program, Phase II included expanded sites at the Convention Center and on North Lake Avenue; entering Phase III, the Program now includes 11 total sites throughout Pasadena.

For fiscal year 2017-2018, the Pasadena City Council has appropriated a budget of $95,000 for the Rotating Public Art program. Each artist loaning an artwork for the program will receive a fee of $6,000, and each artist developing a site-specific artwork will receive $12,000.






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