City Committee Will Look at Range of Sacramento Initiatives Affecting Pasadena

Published : Monday, June 24, 2019 | 4:53 AM

The City of Pasadena’s Legislative Policy Committee will hold a special meeting on Tuesday, June 25, to receive briefings by Chris Giglio, a Federal Legislative advocate for the City, and by David Jones, a State Legislative advocate, on federal and state legislative matters, respectively.

The briefings will be conducted via phone patch and will be a continuation of the briefings Giglio and Jones started during another special meeting of the committee on April 2.

Giglio is expected to expound further on a request that Mayor Terry Tornek made during the previous briefing to inquire about the status of proposed legislation by U.S. Congressman Adam Schiff’s regarding a mandatory curfew at the Hollywood Burbank Airport.

Tornek was commenting on the issues surrounding the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) flight patterns prompted by its new technology at the Hollywood Burbank Airport called Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) when he made the request.

Jones is expected to report further on upcoming state legislation on public safety related to the use of force, the initial steps the recently formed Wildfire Commission is currently focusing on, and SB 200, setting up a Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund.

The bill would require the State Water Resources Control Board to administer provisions relating to the regulation of drinking water to protect public health. Among other things, the water board, by January 1, 2021, shall consult with local health officers and other stakeholders, to make available to the public a map of aquifers that are used or likely to be used as a source of drinking water, and which of these aquifers are at high risk of containing contaminants that exceed safe drinking water standards.

Tuesday’s special meeting will begin at 4 p.m. at the City Council chambers, Room S249 at the Pasadena City Hall. Public comments are allowed immediately after roll call, with comments limited to three minutes each, according to the agenda.

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