City Council Hears About Two New Developments Tonight

Published : Monday, September 24, 2018 | 5:06 AM

(Left) 203,703 square-foot development planned for 83 North Lake Avenue (Right) 196,132 square-foot two-to-.eight-story mixed building planned for 150 E. Colorado Blvd

Pasadena’s City Council on Monday night will hear preliminary information from the Department of Planning and Community Development Monday about two construction projects that are of community-wide significance for Pasadena – one at 150 E. Colorado Blvd., and the other at 83 N. Lake Avenue – and are currently under the Preliminary Plan Review phase of the City’s approval process.

The Planning Department is expected to brief City Council members of a plan to build a 196,132 square-foot two-to-.eight-story mixed building at 150 E. Colorado Blvd., which will consist of between 88 and 100 dwelling units and 50,850 square feet of commercial space. The site is about 1.51 acres and is located on the south side of Colorado Blvd. between Marengo Avenue on the east, and Arroyo Parkway on the west.

The property spans a City block and is located in the CD-2 zoning district in Pasadena, which consists of the Central District and the Civic Center/Midtown subdistrict.

A four-story commercial building currently stands on the site and is proposed to be demolished to be replaced by the proposed project.

At its highest point, the new project will be about 117 feet tall. Four levels of subterranean parking, with 400 parking spaces, are proposed to be included in the construction.

The Planning Department said all concerned City departments have reviewed the project as part of the PPR process and have provided comments that will be divulged in full during the meeting Monday. The City’s Design Commission has also conducted a preliminary review via the Preliminary Consultation process and provided comments, the Planning Department said.

At 83 North Lake Avenue, the applicant is proposing to construct a 203,703 square-foot development, to consist of one six-story building that will consist of a 54-unit multi-family residential building, and another six-story commercial office building on the property that’s approximately 1.6 acres.

The site is located at the southwest corner of Lake Avenue and Union Street with a portion of the site extending through and fronting Hudson Avenue on the west. It is within the CD-5 (Central District Specific Plan, Lake Avenue subdistrict zoning district and is currently improved with three separate single-story commercial buildings and a surface parking lot which will be demolished and replaced by the proposed project.

In July last year, the City Council discussed a previous proposal by the same applicant on the site, who wanted to build a 216,100 square-foot mixed-use project with 97 dwelling units, a 139-room hotel, 7,055 square feet of commercial retail, and 10,300 square feet of commercial restaurant. After several City Council members expressed concerns with the architectural design and other features, the applicant was prompted to submit a new PPR for a revised project.

After preliminary information is presented to the City Council Monday, the Lake Avenue project may have to go through public hearings before the Planning Commission and Design Commission, the Planning Department said.

If the applicant pursues a Tentative Tract Map, another hearing before the Hearing Officer may will also be necessary.

The City Council meeting begins with a closed session at 5:30 p.m. and proceeds to the public meeting at 6:30 p.m.

During the public hearing period that begins at about 7 p.m., the City Council will hear the consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report for the 2017-2018 program year for projects funded from the Community Development Block Grant, Emergency Solutions Grant, and the Home Investment Partnership Act, according to Monday’s agenda.


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