City Council Likely to Approve Public Works Recommendation of $1.2 Million Increase in 2018 Capital Improvements Projects

Published : Monday, October 23, 2017 | 6:41 AM

Pasadena’s Department of Public Works has proposed a net increase of over $1.2 million in the Capital Improvement Program budget for fiscal year 2018 due to “changes in the status of various capital projects in the City,” and is asking the City Council to approve a journal voucher for the change.

The proposal is one of the items in the City Council’s Consent Calendar for Monday’s weekly meeting, and could be approved in one motion during the meeting along with other routine items.

In an Agenda Report for Monday’s meeting, Public Works Director Ara Maloyan listed the projects whose budgets need to be adjusted.

For Building Preventative Maintenance FY 2016-2020, Maloyan is recommending that the City Council take two actions: appropriate $40,886 in private capital from T-Mobile to help pay for the new security system at the City Yards, and transfer the remaining balance of $271,397 from Building Preventive Maintenance- FY 2011-2015 to the project. The will allow the 2011-2015 project to be closed and the remaining balance to be used on the current phase of the project, Maloyan said.

For Curb Ramp Pedestrian Accessibility Improvements FY 2017- 2021, Maloyan said the Department is recommending that $160,000 in private capital from Crown Castle USA Inc. be appropriated to this project, and that the project budget be increased by a similar amount. This money was collected as a condition of approval for telecommunications facilities term permits in 2016 in the public right-of-way. The funds will be used to increase the scope of the FY 2018 project to install additional curb ramps and pedestrian improvements, the report said.

For Curbs and Gutter FY 2017-FY 2021, Public Works is recommending two actions: appropriate $343,309 in private capital funds collected from property owners and developers as conditions of development or sales of the property, to be used for repairs to drive aprons, curbs and gutters, and sidewalks; and transfer the remaining balance of $145,000 from Preventive Maintenance- Curb and Gutters FY 2016-2017 to the project. This transfer will allow the 2016-2017 project to be closed and the remaining balance used on the current phase of the project.

For Citywide Sidewalk ADA Improvements, Public Works is recommending that $100,000 in CDBG funds be unappropriated from this project. As part of the 2017-2018 CDBG call for projects, Public Works applied for $500,000 for sidewalk improvements in Northwest Pasadena. The project was only awarded $400,000 due to CDBG funding constraints. The project intends to remove and replace approximately 28,000 square feet of sidewalks in Northeast Pasadena for fiscal year 2018. This is approximately 7,000 square feet less than what would have been completed at the $500,000 funding level.

For Installation/Replacement Guard Rails FY 2011-2015, Public Works recommends appropriating $18,859 in Street Occupancy Fees to the project so it may be closed. This $143,554 project was completed in 2016 and went over budget by this amount.

For Installation /Replacement Guard Rails FY 2016-2020, Public Works is recommending the appropriation of $35,000 in Gas Tax to the project, which typically receives an annual appropriation of this amount as part of the CIP adoption. Maloyan said the appropriation was not included in the adopted fiscal year 2018 CIP because the amount of Gas Tax available was not certain at that time.

Other proposed budget changes include an appropriation of $35,675 for a Route 210 Freeway Soundwalls project, $116,534 in Street Occupancy Fees for an East Colorado Specific Plan, $8,472 in Sewer Funds to a Storm Drain Repairs FY 2011-2015 project, and transferring $212,348 in Sewer Funds to a Storm Drain Structure Repairs and Improvements FY 2016-2020 project.

The proposed changes for at least eight other projects are detailed in the Agenda Report from Public Works, attached to Monday’s City Council agenda on the City’s website.

A Fiscal Impact segment on the Agenda Report said the cumulative result of these recommendations will increase the FY 2018 CIP budget by $1,293,990.

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