City Council to Hear City Manager Presentation on Growth and Development in Pasadena on Monday

Published : Sunday, April 8, 2018 | 6:26 PM

Pasadena City Manager Steve Mermell

City Manager Steve Mermell is scheduled to deliver an oral presentation about growth and development in Pasadena to the City Council on Monday night, followed by what the agenda refers to as a “study session.”

The workshop-style discussion session will explore historical growth trends in the City and how the recently adopted General Plan and soon-to-be-updated Specific Plans are expected to impact future development, Acting City Public Information Officer Lisa Derderian said.

Also to be discussed is the impact of existing state law as well as the potential impact of newly proposed state legislation, Derderian said.

This comes against the backdrop of Pasadena getting very specific about plans for its future, with the current “Our Pasadena” program focusing on updating the City’s Zoning Code and establishing neighborhood-specific design and land-use goals for the City’s eight specific plans – the Central District, Fair Oaks/Orange Grove, South Fair Oaks, Lincoln Avenue, East Pasadena, East Colorado, North Lake and Lamanda Park – to align with the General Plan that was last updated in 2015.

Also on Monday, the City Council will conduct a first reading of the ordinance crafted by the City Attorney to amend the City’s accessory dwelling regulations.

The ordinance supports the City Council’s decision on Monday, March 12, to approve the proposed Zoning Code amendments which set no minimum lot size requirement for Accessory Dwelling Units on multi-family residential properties, and dramatically reduced the Residential Impact Fee for ADUs constructed specifically under an affordability covenant.

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Finally, the City Council will also kick around the idea of more soccer games for the Rose Bowl with two different items: first, to consider approving a license agreement with AEG and the Los Angeles Galaxy Soccer for two matches to be held in July over the summer; and second, the possibility of a ten-year exclusivity soccer contract with Los Angeles Galaxy to play international soccer matches in the Rose Bowl.

The two initial soccer matches are scheduled for July 25 and July 28, Wednesday and Saturday. Rose Bowl Operating Company General Manager Darryl Dunn said the City could generate over $300,000 in license fees, admission taxes, concession fees, parking, premium seating, and per ticket fees from each event of the two events.

Dunn will provide the City Council details on RBOC’s proposed ten-year exclusive contract with AEG, which he said will allow RBOC the opportunity to “officially align itself with a global force in soccer so as to ensure that world-class soccer continues to come to the Rose Bowl stadium.”

According to the Arroyo Seco Public Lands Ordinance, the City Council must approve of any proposed contracts involving the use of the Rose Bowl which anticipate an attendance of over 20,000 and which is of a duration of more than five years.

As in the July matches, the Rose Bowl Operating Company expects to generate over $300,000 from each event within the proposed 10-year engagement with AEG and LA Galaxy.

The City Council meeting opens with a closed session at 5:30 p.m., and proceeds to the public meeting at 6:30 p.m.

Meetings of the City Council are held at the City Council Chamber, Room S249 at the Pasadena City Hall.