City Makes Plans to Add Bicycle Racks in Brookside Park

Published : Monday, November 27, 2017 | 6:15 AM

Bike Rack

The City’s Department of Public Works has recommended that new bicycle racks be installed at the Brookside Park area of the Central Arroyo Seco, in addition to existing bike racks at the intersection of Seco Street and Arroyo Blvd.

The recommendation is contained in a memorandum from Public Works Administrator Charles Peretz to the City’s Design Commission, which has included the proposal in their agenda for a meeting Tuesday, November 28.

Peretz said the City earlier received a request for the placement of a bicycle rack onsite, and while there is no approved design for these racks within the Arroyo Seco, he said Chapter 11 of the Arroyo Seco Design Guidelines (ASDG) provides guidance with regard to the design of site amenities, including bicycle racks.

The chapter says “the appearance and identity of the Arroyo Seco will benefit from the unifying of site furnishings throughout the park.” Section 11.9.1 of the chapter says bike racks “shall be constructed of durable materials” and approved by the City’s Design Commission and Recreation and Parks Commission.

Peretz said the Public Works Department is recommending installation of four inverted-U bicycle racks made of black-painted tubular steel, of the same design as 10 existing bike racks along Arroyo Blvd.

The new racks, each able to accommodate two bicycles, will be installed to service the Brookside Park area, Peretz said in the memorandum.

The memorandum included illustrations from a supplier, Victor Stanley Site Furniture, which described each rack as a “single wide-loop bike rack constructed of 2.375 inch (60 mm) OD tubular steel pipe,” with all fabricated metal components “steel shotblasted, etched, phosphatized, preheated and electrostatically powder-coated with TGIC polyester powder coatings.”

The initial four bike racks will be complemented with additional installations in the future as the Public Works Department sees necessary.


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