City Manager’s Office Announces Names of Civic Center Task Force Members

Published : Thursday, September 21, 2017 | 8:05 PM

The Pasadena City Manager’s office said Thursday that all of the Civic Center Task Force’s prescribed members have been appointed and City staff anticipates the Task Force’s kick-off meeting will be held in late October.

The Task Force was formed in June after the City Council failed on May 22 to approve plans to build a 127,912-square-foot, six story, 181-room Kimpton hotel across from City Hall.

That construction plan, years in gestation, had been vociferously opposed by several local civic groups. Discussions about building a Kimpton Hotel held before the Council’s vote ignited re-examination of the Civic Center’s history, mission and meaning.

On July 17 the City Council directed City staff to start the process of organizing a Civic Center Task Force to provide recommendations to the City Council regarding the future development of the portion of the Civic Center adjoining Centennial Plaza, including the YWCA and YMCA sites and adjacent City-owned properties east of those buildings.

At that time, the Council determined that the Task Force would be comprised of 15 members , as follows: One appointee from each Councilmember ( seven total); two appointments from the Mayor; and one representative from each of the following organizations/commissions, as selected by that organization/commission: the City’s Planning Commission, Design Commission, Transportation Advisory Commission, Historic Preservation Commission; and, and one representative from the Downtown Pasadena Neighborhood Association (DPNA) and one from Pasadena Heritage.

According to the City Manager’s office, as of September 11 all of the Task Force members have been appointed, as follows:

• Mayor appointees: Andrea Rawlings and Vince Farhat
• Vice Mayor Kennedy appointee: Joel Bryant
• Councilmember Hampton appointee: Raphael Henderson
• Councilmember McAustin appointee: Chris Peck
• Councilmember Masuda appointee: Lambert M. Giessinger
• Councilmember Gordo appointee: Cecilia Estolano
• Councilmember Madison appointee: Wendy Cobleigh
• Councilmember Wilson appointee: Gail Price
• Planning Commission appointee: Stephanie DeWolfe
• Design Commission appointee: Alan Loomis
• Historic Preservation Commission appointee: Gary Floyd
• Transportation Advisory Commission appointee: Blair Miller
• Pasadena Heritage appointee: Claire Bogaard
• DPNA appointee: John Byram

The City Manager’s statement said City staff is currently finalizing logistics of the meetings as well as selection of a meeting facilitator.