City Releases First Results of Metro Bike Sharing Usage

Published : Monday, August 28, 2017 | 5:50 AM

Over 6,700 bike trips were taken on Metro’s Bike Share program in Pasadena in the first five weeks since the program started in the City in July, the City’s Department of Transportation reported late last week..

Using Metro reports as the basis, Transportation Director Frederick Dock said the more than 6,700 bike trips were taken from the start of the program until August 8.

“Pasadena averaged 0.70 rides per day in the first month in operation,” Dock said in a memorandum to City Manager Steve Mermell Thursday. “For comparison, the Downtown Los Angeles program averages 0.74 rides per bike per day.”

Dock said 767 people now hold Bike Share monthly passes in Pasadena.

A chart accompanying Dock’s memorandum showed that among the 31 stations, Bike Share users rode bikes from the Bike Share station at the Gold Line’s Memorial Park Station the most within the five-week period. Almost 800 rides were taken from the station between July 14 and August 8.

The station at Oak Knoll Avenue and Colorado Blvd. gathered the second highest number of Bike Share rides at about 700.

Bikes from the Del Mar Gold Line Station gathered about 650 rides and those from the Rose Bowl Bike Share station gathered over 620, according to the chart.

The least used bikes were from the Pasadena Central Library location at E. Walnut Street, which recorded over 120 rides on Bike Share.

Dock said in his memorandum that bike usage at the Pasadena Central Library, Caltech and Pasadena City College Bike Share stations is expected to increase once schools are back in session.

Dock said information about revenue from the program has not been made available by Metro.

Over 375 bikes are in Pasadena’s Bike Share program, with each station hosting anywhere from five to 14 bicycles.

Bicycle Transit Systems, Inc., Metro’s contractor for the program, installed 29 stations before the launch on July 14 and added two more – at the Pasadena Central Library and Caltech West – a week later. The stations are located close to either Metro Gold Line stations in the City or Metro shuttle bus stations, making it possible for users to transition into trains or buses and vice versa in their daily commute.

For Bike Share users, Metro sells monthly passes at $20 for unlimited 30-minute rides. Annual Flex Passes are available for $40 with each ride $1.75. Occasional users can walk-up to the station kiosk and purchase a single 30-minute ride for $3.50 with a credit card. Discounts on bulk passes are also available for employers through Metro’s Bike Share for Business program.

Anyone interested in using Bike Share or buying passes can visit the Bike Share site, .

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