City Replaces 37 Gasoline Powered Cars with Fleet of 38 New Electric Vehicles

Published : Monday, June 10, 2019 | 4:46 AM

The City of Pasadena has a new fleet of 38 electric Chevrolet Bolts recently acquired for use by various City departments.

Public Works Director Ara Maloyan said all of the new electric vehicles except one are replacing existing gasoline-powered vehicles. Nine were funded by the Fleet Replacement Fund.

These EVs were leased on a 36-month plan and will be driven by City staffers performing daily work duties, such as inspecting project sites for the Public Works department, and for staff operational needs in the case of other departments.

Maloyan said use of the EVs should reduce fleet maintenance and fuel costs over the next three years.

“The City is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and these new EVs support this goal by using and promoting electric vehicles,” Maloyan wrote in a memo to the City Manager.

“With the Additional EVs in the City’s fleet, staff from the Department of Water and Power (PWP) have created a comprehensive parking and charging plan to accommodate EV users, including employees using personal EVs, City EVs, visitors, and for general public use.”

Meanwhile Pasadena Water and Power is in the midst of installing 25 charging stations at the Holly Street Parking Structure at 150 E. Holly Street. The charging stations are expected to be fully operational within the next three months. (In the meantime, charging is available for City EV vehicles at the City Yards for overnight charging.)

The Chevy Bolts have a range of up to 250 miles per charge, and based on City driving will only need to be charged once every one to two weeks, Maloyan’s memo said.

Additionally, two fast chargers available at the City Yard are able to add enough power for 100 miles of driving, in just one hour.

“With the growing market for EV drivers, ongoing discussions and continued efforts are being planned and implemented to expand charging stations at various parking facilities and City lots,” the memo said.


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