Tonight, City Task Force Releases Evaluations of Public's Ideas for Deterring Colorado Street Bridge Suicides

Published : Tuesday, February 20, 2018 | 1:31 AM

City Task Force to Release Evaluations of Public’s Ideas for Deterring Colorado Street Bridge Suicides

A prevented suicide, 1988. Image courtesy Pasadena Museum of History

A Pasadena Task Force grappling with ways to enhance the Colorado Street Bridge in order deter suicide jumpers will convene tonight in its second meeting at which it will present evaluations of the recommendations made during the first meeting and will take further input from the public.

Last November, the first Task Force meeting evoked heartrending tales of tragic leaps and heartfelt offers of creative preventative solutions.

The Task Force — formed in July, 2017 by Public Works Director Ara Maloyan following a disturbing spate of successful suicide attempts from the historic bridge — is made up of representatives from the historic preservation community, police and fire officials, mental health experts, architects, and engineers in “the hope of developing options that are amenable to all stakeholders and the community at large,” Maloyan said at the time.

One month earlier, the City had installed 10-foot-high metal mesh fencing around the benched alcoves on both sides of the Bridge as a temporary deterrent measure.

Maloyan’s Task Force is seeking “ responsibly designed permanent solutions” that can be an effective deterrent while also being respectful of the bridge’s national historic status and architectural significance.

The vision of the Task Force is to allow the community to experience and enjoy the Colorado Street Bridge and the Arroyo Seco area below it as a safe and beautiful environment.

The meeting is scheduled from 6:30 to 8 p.m., Tuesday, February 20, 2018, at the Maranatha High School Student Center, 169 S. Saint John Ave. Free parking is available in the Visitor’s Parking Lot on campus or the school’s underground parking, both off of South St. John Avenue.

For more information email to or visit the City’s webpage:

For more about the Task Force’s first meeting, click here.

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