City Committee Meeting to Examine Factors Which Drive Pasadena's Economy

Published : Monday, September 17, 2018 | 4:35 AM

The City Council’s Economic Development and Technology Committee is meeting Tuesday, September 18, to conduct its third workshop on Pasadena’s Economic Strategic Plan (EDSP), which provides an assessment of the conditions that drive the City’s economy and is intended to help local stakeholders and decision-makers to implement strategies that will contribute to the City’s future economic health.

Economic Development Manager Eric Druyshart, in a memorandum addressed to the Committee, said the workshop will be similar to an Innovation Workshop held in May, where a panel of local technology executives shared insights into the innovation ecosystem in the City, and discussed ideas about how Pasadena could support this part of the economy.

Earlier this year, the first workshop focused on the goal of supporting visitor and tourism activities in Pasadena.

For Tuesday’s workshop, Duyshart’s office has arranged for a panel of retail and restaurant experts to attend and dialogue with Committee members to discuss the goal of enhancing the shopping and dining experience in Pasadena.

A list of the panel includes Macy’s General Manager Angela Bernardo, Executive Director Steve Mulheim of the Old Pasadena Management District (OPMD), Jones Coffee Roasters owner Chuck Jones, Hurst/Harrigan founding partner Pat Hurst, My Pet Garden owner Ruth Tatom, Fair Oaks Renaissance Plaza owner Danny Blakewell Jr., Lance Taylor of Arrow Retail, Green Street Restaurant owner Michael Hawkins, and Jeff Kreshek, who owns East Hastings Shopping Center.

Duyshart said the topics for discussion will include the changing dynamics on shopping and dining in the region, local and destination retail marketing ideas, City policies related to dining and retail, new dimensions and consumer amenities, specific opportunities and threats, and future trends.

Pasadena’s EDSP, prepared and finalized in 2012 by a task force composed of distinguished local business leaders and stakeholders, includes strategic recommendations to enhance the City’s business climate, ensure the fiscal health of the city, and support economic growth in a manner consistent with the City’s character.

A copy of the EDSP and other related documents can be accessed through

Tuesday’s meeting and workshop begins at 4:30 p.m. at Corporate Center Pasadena’s Suite 100, located at 283 South Lake Avenue.

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