Travel: Clement Palo Alto Taking All-Inclusive to All-Luxury

Published : Tuesday, August 28, 2018 | 12:27 PM

All-Inclusive, we’ve heard the words before. The Clement Palo Alto has taken this concept and applied it to a luxury hotel with all the trimmings, and stunning results.

You sign in upon arriving and that’s it. Want a glass of wine? No problem, just order it. Got a hankering for a cheese platter? It’s there at your beckoning. No need to carry your wallet, sign a check or figure a tip, it’s all taken care of. Just don’t forget your room key card, you really can’t go anywhere without it.

My visit started before I arrived with a questionnaire to determine my likes and requirements. What did I like to drink: Rosé, Champagne and flavored sparkling water. What snacks did I like: chocolate and Cheetos. All of these things were in my personal refrigerator and more! They covered my companion’s preferences as well.

The staff and service were exemplary. Upon arrival, we were taken on a quick tour of the facilities and told how to access food, beverages etc. Our bags were in our room when we got there and guess what? No tip! No digging in your purse or pocket for smaller bills to realize you only have large ones. I felt a bit guilty at first, but told myself it was ok, this was the way the hotel worked.

The hotel has 23 one-bedroom suites that include a separate living room, bedroom and bathroom. The rooms have all the newest tech gadgets to help make your stay more productive or more relaxing; your choice. There are three televisions, one in the mirror of the bathroom, tech ports of all sorts and even cords in case you forgot yours. The living area could be closed off from the sleeping area so when night owl, me wanted to watch TV, while early riser, my companion wanted to sleep it was no problem. And the king sized bed was just luxurious. We were also able to ask for different type pillows to suit our tastes. There were so many toys in that room I could have spent two hours just pushing buttons.

It was a beautiful day. We had been on the road for six hours and hadn’t eaten a thing. After a quick look-see at our room with much oohing and ahhing we decided to head up to the roof-top pool. We established ourselves in a cabana and let the ordering begin. Beautiful big scallops with a celery root slaw and mustard aioli was devoured as was a cheese and charcuterie plate. Savory roasted garlic hummus, tangy olive tapenade and citrus marinated olives completed our little feast as well as an Old Fashioned made with a smoky Hibiki Harmony Japanese Whiskey and a refreshing glass of Minuty Rosé. It was absolutely glorious sitting in the warm afternoon with a gentle breeze cooling our skin.

The hotel is directly across from Stanford University, it’s a lovely backdrop to the hotel. I’ve never seen Stanford so it was great to get a look at it. There is also a large outdoor mall with small shops and restaurants within walking distance. But personally the hotel is so lovely and quiet, I was only spending one night and I just wanted to enjoy the experience. It has a large “living room” with a fireplace downstairs if you want to just sit and read. The kitchen is open for orders from 5:30 a.m until 10:00 p.m. but the pantry is open 24/7 in case you need a midnight snack. There’s a meeting room for a small conference or family dinner and a computer for your business needs (we forgot our computer, this came in handy). If you must exercise a large gym is available for your use.

The next morning we had breakfast al fresco in the hotel’s dining area. I was able to order my favorite morning treat; a bagel, lox, onion, capers, tomatoes and cream cheese. I just went up to the chef and asked for it. That plus a latte and I was in foodie heaven. The patio was so lovely with green trees all around. It was a thoroughly enjoyable meal.

The Clement Palo Alto is a great hotel when you have to be in the bay area or if you just want to get away with no muss, no fuss. It’s amazing how not having to worry about paying for meals, drinks, parking, internet, yada, yada can make a hotel stay carefree and relaxing.

The Clement Palo Alto is located at 711 El Camino Real, Palo Alto. For reservations or more information call (650) 322-7111 or visit







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