"Close the Camps" Protest in Pasadena Today Will Decry Treatment of Migrant Children in Border Detention Facilities

Published : Tuesday, July 2, 2019 | 4:36 AM

Pasadena-area Congresswoman live-streamed her reaction after a July 1 visit to several Texas migrant child detention facilities where she said she found conditions deplorable. Her efforts to change conditions at the facilities will be encouraged Tuesday, July 2 by a planned gathering outside her Pasadena offices as part of a nationwide series of protests by civil rights groups against the camps.

Local activists today will join a series of nationwide demonstrations protesting against the Trump Administration’s operation of child detention centers along the U.S. border with Mexico in a noon action outside the offices of Pasadena-area Congresswoman Judy Chu.

A coalition of civil rights groups including MoveOn.org last Friday announced the national “Close the Camps” protests.

Locally, the Pasadena United Democratic Headquarters said its members planned a gathering and meeting with Chu as part of the national day of action.

“Rally participants will have signs and letters to present to the congresswomen [sic],” the organization said.

“Protesters will assemble outside of congressional district offices and call on members of Congress to close the camps, refuse to authorize any more funding for family detention and deportation, and visit detention camps to bear witness to the atrocities being committed,” an email announcement said.

Pasadena’s Neighborhood Church also supports the action and encouraged its members to write Chu on the issue and to come to the rally with a homemade sign.

The purpose of the gathering outside Chu’s Pasadena office is to “encourage her continued efforts to close the detention centers currently used to house children and their families in reprehensible conditions,” Neighborhood Church said in a July 1 release.

Chu’s office is at  527 South Lake Avenue.  For more information, contact gable@neighborhooduu.org

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