Pasadena City College Hires Baseball Coach Pat McGee For Full Time Position; Lancers’ Program Reaching New Heights Behind Intense Leader

Published : Thursday, May 24, 2018 | 7:59 AM

Pat McGee inherited a PCC baseball program that went 1-21 in conference the year before he took over the reigns in 2015.

In a short period of time, the Lancers program has accomplished things that hadn’t been done since before their 45-year old coach was born.

In 2017, they won their first South Coast Conference title ever, they earned a first playoff appearance and first playoff series victory (over Riverside City College) in 50 years.

During that time, McGee spent his mornings at Vernon Middle School in Montclair as a PE teacher and then hustled down the 210 freeway to get to practice six days a week.

McGee spent 21 years at Vernon Middle School, but he’s always wanted to consolidate his work and passion into one place.

He patiently waited and bided his time in the hopes that a full-time position at the school (PCC) would open up some time soon.

And in the mean time, if there were any doubters that the 2017 baseball team was a one-hit wonder, McGee and his Lancers proved them wrong by earning back-to-back playoff appearances and 20-win seasons for the first time since the 1966-67 seasons.

That is impressive, but consider these facts, which make the accomplishment even greater.

McGee, his coaches and players earned the 23-win season in a year their best pitcher decided to retire from baseball at age 19, their starting catcher stepped away from the game because his body was too beat up, and his best hitter, Shane Ogata, was forced to sit out the entire 2018 season because of a dislocated shoulder he suffered during the playoff run of a year ago.

The Pasadena City College administration rewarded McGee’s track record of excellence and officially hired him full-time this week at a meeting in which the board gave their approval.

McGee will leave his position at Vernon Middle School after 21 years and is thrilled he’ll now be on campus and present for his student-athletes and that he’ll be able to focus his passion on what he does best.

It’s a win-win scenario for the McGee family, as well.

In the past, having to leave their Upland home in the morning to go to Montclair to teach and then out to Pasadena meant McGee left before his two boys were out of bed, and by the time he got home, Brody, 8, and four-year old Carson were getting ready for bed.

McGee’s wife, Jennifer, has carried much of the load, especially during baseball season when it comes to meeting their two son’s responsibilities.

McGee said he is very excited to be more present in both Brody an Carson’s lives, as well as giving his wife a well-deserved break from time to time.

“I am really excited and grateful to the entire Kinesiology Department for their support,” McGee said. “I’m where I want to be and that’s a full-time baseball coach and Kinesiology instructor.

I’m also happy that I’ll be present on campus, so my players can come see me if they need help or have a problem, because before this, they could only call me during the day. I’m also glad that I’ll have the chance to raise my kids and spend more time with them.”

The hiring is also a beneficial move for PCC as well.

They aren’t just locking in one of the state’s best JC baseball coaches, McGee will also now have more time to recruit, which will give the Lancers their best shot at stabilizing over the long haul the success McGee has brought to the program over his four years at PCC.


PCC Athletics Director Tony Barbone: “We are excited that Pat McGee has been selected as the new full time faculty in Kinesiology and Athletics. Coach McGee has rebuilt the baseball program into one of respect and student success and has done so in a professional manner. The successes on the field the last few years have been great, but the high percentage of transfers and scholarships during those years are the true definition of his commitment to PCC.”