Commission to Consider Extension of Planned Development Plan for Hotels at Hill and Colorado

Published : Tuesday, April 9, 2019 | 8:57 PM

The City Planning Commission on Wednesday, April 10 is to consider renewing the Planned Development Plan for a project that would put two hotels close by the intersection of North Hill Avenue and East Colorado Boulevard.

The developer and applicant for the renewal is J&K Plus Investments LLC. The City Council approved a Planned Development Plan that became effective March 29, 2017, which means its two-year expiration date has passed.

According to a Planning & Community Development staff report, the developer has asked for the renewal to “allow the project additional time to complete the Design Review process.”

The project, according to the report, has run through preliminary consultation and is currently in the concept design and review phase. The developer said it also needs time to obtain a conditional use permit for one of the hotels.

No changes have been made to the project that would prompt a reopening of the environmental review process and staff has recommended the Planning Commission approve the renewal.

Richard McDonald, an attorney with Carlson and Nicholas, represents J&K Plus Investments on the project.

He said the developer was under the impression the PD Plan approved by the City was for three years, not two, and that its time schedule for obtaining zoning entitlements and completing design review was based on the former.

“The City came to us and said, ‘You need to renew,’ and we said no problem,” McDonald recounted. The action being considered in this case, he said, is mostly “ministerial.”

Be that as it may, it’s a good time to review exactly what’s on tap for a pair of eyesores at a major Pasadena intersection.

The project site entails two, not-connected parcels.

The north parcel is located at East Colorado Boulevard (1347-1355) and 39 North Hill Avenue. The 2.7-acre plot is bordered by Holliston Avenue to the west, Colorado to the south, and Hill Avenue on the east side.

The north parcel house a hotel of up to seven stories in height, with as many as 375 rooms, and ground floor commercial units spread over 350,000 square feet.

A second plot is located at 1336 East Colorado Boulevard. This south parcel would contain a smaller hotel with 150 rooms and ground floor commerce totaling 90,000 square feet.

Nearby business and other entities include the Prism Church, Hill Avenue Grace Lutheran Church, F. Suie One Antiques Store, Holliston Avenue Methodist Church, a Chevron gas station, Pasadena City College, and McDonald’s.







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