Local Mountain Trail Gate Locked Again Due to Windy Forecast, Fire Fears

Published : Monday, October 28, 2019 | 4:33 AM

Chaney Trail gate will be locked due to high winds possibly through Tuesday

Altadena Sheriff’s Station and United States Forest Service closed the Millard Canyon Campground Sunday along with many portions of the Angeles National Forest to be under a Los Angeles County Red Flag fire warning. The National Service has issued a Santa Ana wind condition and Red Flag warning.

The City of Pasadena is not currently under a Red Flag Warning and there are no parking restrictions in effect.

The conditions could exist in the next few days through Thursday. A Red Flag Warning is the highest alert. During these times, extreme caution is urged by all residents because fires are more likely to ignite and those that do are more likely to spread rapidly and be more difficult to control, therefore the area will be closed and the Chaney trail gate remains locked.

The area is closed to vehicles however pedestrians / hikers are still able to visit the area.

Also the Angeles National Forest will be under fire restriction starting today, asking people not to build maintain or attend any campfire, fire, or stove fire within the forest boundary.

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