Congresswoman Judy Chu & Assemblymember Chris Holden Attend Pasadena Village Garden Party

U.S. Congresswoman Judy Chu addresses the rapt audienceHostess & Board member Dr. Sonia Singla with Village volunteer Elisabeth JohnsDr. Jack Scott, Board President Mike BabcockAssemblymember Chris Holden with Village members


2:39 pm | October 14, 2014

Over 100 members and friends of the Pasadena Village gathered at the home of Drs. Neil & Sonia Singla on October 5, 2014 for a Garden Party recognizing supporters and celebrating the organization’s growth. Student volunteers from the Peace & Justice Academy assisted guests from their cars to the entrance, where they were welcomed by Village volunteers and the Singla family. Guests enjoyed wine & hors d’oeuvres in the garden before congregating on the patio to hear keynote speaker Dr. Jack Scott.

As the former president of Pasadena City College and as a California State Senator and Assemblymember, Dr. Scott had much to say about “A Life Well Lived.” Dr. Scott cited optimism, ongoing physical activity, and community ties as keys to healthy aging. U.S. Congresswoman Judy Chu and State Assemblymember Chris Holden both spoke about the importance of civic engagement among older adults.

Executive Director Sue Kujawa introduced Dr. Scott and provided background on the Village movement and the Pasadena Village’s many programs that keep members engaged in the community. While many Villages around the country tout their transportation and in-home services, Ms. Kujawa has found that “the greatest service the Pasadena Village provides is the opportunity to build new, supportive relationships and be surrounded by others who understand and appreciate the daily triumphs and trials of aging.”

Kujawa noted that it is the desire for community that motivates people to join the Pasadena Village, and Dr. Scott stressed the importance of social relationships as people grow older. By making personal connections through programs and social activities, Village members develop a network of trust. When a Village member becomes ill, or suffers a fall, or doesn’t drive any longer – their fellow members are eager to provide support.

The Pasadena Village is in its third year, part of a nation-wide, grassroots movement to revolutionize the experience of aging in America. Both Councilwoman Chu and Assemblymember Holden acknowledged that California’s older population is expected to grow at more than twice the rate of the total state population, and that seniors have the opportunity to effect change on the local, state, and national level. Executive Director Sue Kujawa closed the program by calling on guests to “keep telling our story so that others will join us. Not so that we will be bigger but because we will be stronger.”

The Pasadena Village is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization connecting seniors to programs, services and cultural activities that encourage them to remain independent, active, and engaged in their community. The Pasadena Village receives generous support from Episcopal Communities & Services, foundation grants, and individual donations. For more information about the Pasadena Village, contact Sue Kujawa at (626) 765-6037 or visit