Coroner Identifies Altadena Woman Who Died Driving Two Young Children in Car Which Overturned

Published : Wednesday, October 16, 2019 | 9:06 PM

Photo by Andrew Latreille

The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office has identified the woman who died Tuesday about noon after the car she was driving with two young children as passengers overturned¬†and then struck an oncoming minivan on Woodbury Road on the Altadena-Pasadena border.

She was 32-year-old Lisa Polanco, the Coroner’s Office said, reportedly an Altadena resident.

The two children, both under 10 years of age, survived.

Authorities said the collision occurred about noon as Polanco’s SUV traveled eastbound on Woodbury Road just east of El Molino Ave.

A California Highway Patrol spokesperson said investigators are attempting to determine why the SUV overturned. Initial reports indicate Polanco may have clipped a parked vehicle first.

CHP Sergeant Bender said that the driver of the minivan was uninjured.

The north side of Woodbury Road in this area is Altadena, the south side is Pasadena. The incident was responded to by Altadena Station deputies, Los Angeles County Fire crews and the California Highway Patrol.

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