Council, Finance Committee to Meet in Joint Session to Consider Amending Metro Funding Agreement

Published : Monday, April 23, 2018 | 5:00 AM

A Special Joint Meeting of the City Council and its Finance Committee is scheduled Monday, April 23, to finalize amendments to the funding agreement with the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) to extend a grant.

An Agenda Report for Monday showed Transportation Director Frederick Dock is seeking authority for the City Manager to amend the existing agreement with Metro by increasing it by $1,099,362 from $1,987,285 for a total value of $3,086,647 through September 20, 2020.

This is to enable the City to receive an additional $886,230 in grants to extend the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Section 5316 Job Access and Reverse Commute program to increase local transit capacity on Pasadena Route 20.

Competitive bidding is not required, according to City staff.

The project will enable the City to continue to provide bus capacity on Route 20, more than half of which services residents of Northwest Pasadena. The route links to an extensive local and regional transit network, and connects with eight regional bus lines on Colorado Boulevard and four Metro Gold Line stations.

The meeting will also include amendments to the fiscal year 2018 Adopted Operating Budget.
A Finance Committee report said approval of the amendments will decrease total authorized appropriations for 2018 by $550,912 across multiple funds.

The report showed the amendments will be in the areas of Outside Legal Services, funding for Homeless Assistance and Prevention Services, funding for Pasadena Enterprise Center escrow costs, Community Development Block Grant MASH program reduction, revenue for Humanities for All Quick Grant Award, and additional expenses for the Rose Bowl Operating Company.

The meeting will also include a public hearing on the City Manager’s Recommended Fiscal year 2019-2023 Capital Improvement Program Budget.

The City’s Department of Public Works said the recommended CIP budget for 2019 to 2023 contains 200 active projects with a total estimated cost of $1,279,903,735 and a total recommended appropriation of $82.3 million for 91 projects, 24 of which are new projects.

A Future Projects section in the CIP identifies an additional 66 projects with an estimated cost of $335 million.

The special joint meeting on Monday begins at 4 p.m. at the City Council Chamber, Room S249 at City Hall.

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