County Board of Supervisors Will Consider Extending Rent Stabilization in East Pasadena, Altadena at Today's Meeting

Published : Tuesday, April 9, 2019 | 5:30 AM

5th District Supervisor Kathryn Barger represents Pasadena on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors will vote Tuesday on extending rent control and creating other important tools for L.A. county including Altadena and unincorporated East Pasadena.

The Board last year voted on a Temporary Rent Stabilization Ordinance for eligible rental units in the county’s unincorporated areas. The local law, which went into effect on December 20, 2018 established limits on rent increases and extended eviction protections.

The county ordinance also voided rent increases over three percent in effect after September 11, 2018. If a renter already paid a rent increase over three percent, the ordinance mandated that any overpayment must be returned. Property owners may either pay this back in one lump sum or issue a credit against future rent due over a six-month period.

Since the ordinance has a 180-day effectivity, it is supposed to expire in June, but the Board of Supervisors can vote to extend it, as necessary, or could decide to replace it with a permanent ordinance.

On Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, tenant advocates who won major tenant rights through the temporary ordinance will reiterate calls for permanent rent control and eviction protections in the county. They also plan to ask the Board of Supervisors to expand just cause eviction protections, establish a rent board, create an online rent registry and to put in place a more systemic code enforcement.

The advocates plan to hold a rally outside the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration, at 500 West Temple Street in Los Angeles, before going inside to take part in the public comment portion and witness the supervisors as they deliberate and vote on the extension of the ren stabilization ordinance.

Supervisors Hilda Solis (1st District) and Sheila Kuehl (3rd District) have already filed a recommendation to approve an ordinance extending the rent stabilization ordinance up to December 31, 2019, as well as to expand Just Cause eviction protections to all rental units except those that are designated as exempt.

Solis and Kuehl also recommended a draft ordinance establishing a Rent Review Board that would oversee current and future Board ordinances concerning rent stabilization, mobile home space rent regulation, and tenant protections, the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting showed.

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