Crime in Pasadena Drops 15%

Reported crimes tumble double digits in almost every category when compared with the same time last year, except simple theft and rape

Published : Monday, May 14, 2018 | 5:30 AM

Preliminary statistics released by the Pasadena Police Department show a 15% drop in crime reported this year below the same time last year.

The monthly report based on calls for service for April shows a 75% drop in homicides, a 47% drop in robberies, and a 37% drop in residential burglaries in year-to-date totals when compared to the same period in 2017.

That’s not the only good news. The number of stolen vehicles went down by 35%, and assaults dropped, too, by 27%.

In fact, the report indicates just two crime categories saw increases. Calls to police to report rapes climbed by 60% after a two-year lull. Simple theft rose slightly, by 2%.

“The decreases in crime in 2018 in Pasadena required community effort,” Pasadena police spokesman Lt. Jason Clawson said Sunday. “Considering the number of vacancies in the Department, the drop in crime demonstrates the level of care and effort the community and the police have placed on public safety and our quality of life.”

The year-to-date figures are collected by the Pasadena Police Department Records section. They are based almost entirely on 911 calls, and thus cannot be directly correlated with FBI Uniform Crime Reporting crime statistics.

In his upcoming monthly Chief’s report to be delivered to the Public Safety Committee this Wednesday, Interim Pasadena Police Chief John Perez will make note of the 15% crime drop.

Clawson attributed the improvement to multiple factors.

He said community education has played a vital role in lowering crime since from it residents learn how to reduce their vulnerability, and he praised the vigilance of Pasadenans who follow the “See something say something” principle.

He also attributed visible policing efforts in neighborhoods, good police work and investigative efforts such as predictive crime strategies, seizing guns off the street, and excellent investigative efforts in arresting suspects.

“We recognize the crime drop in Pasadena is also attributed to the various non-profits in Pasadena (more than most cities) and larger, long-term initiatives such as the reintegration effort under the Proposition 47, early education efforts, and sustainable health care for families at early ages,” Clawson said.

Looking ahead, Clawson said that the Department will mount directed deployments ensuring that parks and public spaces will be safe for the community “as gang membership and retaliatory violence is always a concern in the coming summer months.”

He also made a plea to the public.

“Many times a community member may post an online blog about being a victim of a theft or seeing suspicious activity which never gets reported to anyone but the internet,” Clawson said. “We want that information first hand.”

According to the monthly statistical report, the Council District with the most calls for service was Councilmember Steve Madison’s District 6, with 59 calls for service.

At the other end of the scale, Councilmember Victor Gordo’s District 5 recorded the fewest calls to the police for service, just 27 during April.

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