Daughters of the American Revolution Pasadena Annual Awards Event

DAR Martin Severance Chapter Regent Phyllis Lynes and Ian Ruskin, who was presented with the History Award.(l-r) DAR Martin Severance Chapter Regent Phyllis Lynes with Good Citizen Award winners Charisma Marines, Marshall Fundamental High School; Audrey Cameron, Blair High School; Michael Francis Grumble, St. Monica Academy; Rosa Run Mi Llanto, Pasadena High School; Jillian Kislow, Alverno Heights Academy; Melissa Rocha, John Muir High School; and Martin Severance Chapter Good Citizens Chair Mary Lou Langedyke.(l-r) DAR Martin Severance Chapter American History Chair Sarah Town-DiCicco; member Francine Smith as Catherine Van Rensselaer; American History Essay Contest winner Ella Hope Carey, a fifth grader at St. Monica Academy; member Cheri Graham as Molly Pitcher; and Carole Curran as Rebecca Bryan Boone. Smith, Graham and Curran are participants in the chapter’s Living History Program.


4:39 pm | February 21, 2017

The Women’s City Club in Pasadena was the setting for the Daughters of the American Revolution Martin Severance Chapter annual awards breakfast this month. The prestigious DAR History Award was presented to Ian Ruskin, who stars in the one-man play and 2016 film documentary “To Begin the World Over Again: The Life of Thomas Paine” about the man whose pamphlet “Common Sense” helped convince early Americans to revolt against the British monarchy and create a new nation.

Several high school seniors were presented with Good Citizen Awards for demonstrating dependability, service, leadership and patriotism in 2016, selected by faculty and staff at their respective schools. One elementary school student was presented with the American History Essay Contest Award for her 2016 essay with the theme “Celebrating a Century: America’s National Parks.”

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