Departing City Manager Michael Beck Bids Farewell to Pasadena City Hall

Published : Wednesday, February 10, 2016 | 6:49 AM

Departing City Manager Michael Beck was fêted at City Hall by colleagues and friends Tuesday evening as he ends his position as Pasadena’s City Manager. He will be assuming a vice-chancellor position at UCLA.

“I feel like I have been blessed to have worked in Pasadena, and I think we have accomplished so much, with so many challenges. This was not ‘me,’ this was ‘we,’ all of the city and its residents working together,”‘ Beck said.

Mayor Terry Tornek pointed to Beck’s longevity a tough job which, nationally, rarely is held by the same person for more than five years. Beck has Pasadena’s city manager since 2008.

“No one could ever doubt Michael’s work ethic, and I think we would all agree that he has accomplished so much for us,” Mayor Tornek said.

Beck managed the city through the economic recession of 2008 and 2009, as well as through the windstorm of December 2013. He also oversaw the rehabilitation and refurbishing of the Rose Bowl. When an embezzlement scheme that siphoned off $6.4 million in city funds was uncovered and a city employee arrested, it was Michael Beck who went before the press to make the announcement public.

Monday, Assistant City Manager Steve Mermell was appointed Pasadena’s Interim City Manager, as the city conducts a nationwide executive search for Beck’s successor.

Mermell told Pasadena Now that he would be a candidate for the full time regular position.

Mayor Terry Tornek said he expects the search to be completed by June.