Design Commission Meeting Tuesday Reviews Three Construction Projects

Published : Tuesday, February 13, 2018 | 8:36 AM

ConstructionThe City of Pasadena’s Design Commission will deliberate Tuesday, February 13, on three project proposals that are on different stages of the approval process with the City.

At 810 N. Marengo Avenue, a new construction of a three-story, 30,803 square-foot 27-unit multi-family residential development with 65 subterranean parking spaces is under the Preliminary Consultation phase.

A Staff Report by Planning and Community Development Department Director David Reyes showed the property is on the east side of N. Marengo Avenue, south of East Mountain Street at the terminus of the “T” intersection of Painter Street and North Marengo Avenue.

The site is currently vacant and one protected tree has been identified, which the applicant proposes to retain and incorporate into the site design. As the site is vacant, there is no historic significance associated with the property.

Surrounding land uses are predominantly residential and largely consist of a mix of Craftsman Period Revival era one- and two-story structures, with a few relatively nondescript and minimally detailed two-story apartment buildings.

Under Concept Design Review is the property at 33-45 East Walnut Street. The proposal is for the new construction of a 48,481 square-foot office building with a basement. Seven on-site parking spaces are proposed at the ground level behind the office space.

The project site is comprised of two adjoining lots totalling 20,016 square feet in area on the north side of East Walnut Street between North Fair Oaks and Raymond Avenues. It is rectangular in shape and is currently developed with a surface parking lot and a one-story, 12,382 square-foot non-historic commercial building that will be demolished. There is one protected tree on the site which will be removed to accommodate the project.

The surface parking lot will also be demolished before the new building is constructed. Seven on-site parking spaces are proposed at the ground level, behind ground-level office space.

At the Caltech campus, at 1200 East California Blvd./320 South Wilson Avenue, the construction of the Chen Neuroscience Research Building is now under Final Design Review. The proposed construction is a new three-story 155,000 square foot research/classroom building, and the relocation of Wilson Court.

The project has gone through environmental review in the Categorical Exemption adopted by the Design Commission for Concept Design Review on December 12, 2017. The Design Commission has also approved the removal of 14 protected trees and the relocation of one protected tree on the property, as complying with the City’s Tree Protection Ordinance.

The project will involve relocating a historic bungalow court at 294 S. Wilson Avenue, demolition of a single-family residence at 1114 E. Del Mar Blvd. and an apartment building at 1124 E. Del Mar Blvd., the removal of 30 trees, 14r of which are protected, relocation of one protected tree, and the construction of the new three-story-plus-basement research building.

No new parking is proposed to be constructed on-site.

The Design Commission meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. at the Council Chambers, Room S249 at City Hall.

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