New Mixed-Use Building on Lincoln Avenue Planned to Replace Liquor Store

Published : Monday, August 7, 2017 | 7:08 PM

A preliminary consultation hearing will be conducted on Tuesday by the Design Commission to review initial details about the proposed construction of a 1-3 story mixed use building on Lincoln Avenue.

Located at 1435 Lincoln Avenue, the proposed 16,334 square foot building will include eight residential units and three commercial tenant spaces.

At present, the site is being occupied by a liquor store and an automobile repair shop. Both structures are proposed to be demolished to allow the construction of the U-shaped building.

The 23,350 square foot development site is located on the busy residential-commercial west side of Lincoln Avenue between MacDonald Street to the north and Palisades Street to the south.

Surrounding the proposed development site is the Pasadena Lumber and Supplies, the Lincoln Avenue Millworks, residences and a church.

Once built, the proposed mixed-use building will have at grade parking spaces for 33 vehicles and can accommodate more within in its one level basement parking.

Case Planner is Leon White and the project owner/applicant is FM Marketing & Properties, LLC. Intwala Design Studio is the project architect.

The preliminary consultation will be heard at the City Hall Basement Training Room at 6 pm.






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