Pasadena's Design Commission Will Review Four Proposed Projects Today

Published : Monday, November 12, 2018 | 7:52 AM

Pasadena’s Design Commission will review Tuesday, November 13, four new proposed construction projects, three of which are multi-family developments and the fourth a six-story mixed-use building with commercial units as well as 115 residential units.

Under the Preliminary Consultation Phase of the City’s approval process is a proposal to construct a new four-story, 16-unit multi-family residential apartment building at 139 South Oak Knoll Avenue in District 7. The building will have about 16,328 square feet of floor area and a subterranean parking level with 19 parking spaces.

A surface parking lot with a concrete perimeter wall currently occupies the project site; these are proposed to be demolished.

A new four-story, 19-unit multi-family apartment building is also proposed to be built nearby, at 150 South Oak Knoll Avenue, with 27,191 square feet of gross floor area and subterranean parking. The project applicant also plans to demolish a surface parking lot on the site and the concrete perimeter wall.

Up for Concept Design Review by the Design Commission is a proposed three-story 35-unit multi-family development at 417 North Madison Avenue in Pasadena’s District 3. A non-historic single-family residence currently standing on the site is proposed to be demolished.

Finally, the Commission will conduct a Final Design Review for a proposed six-story mixed-use building at 711 East Walnut Street on the intersection of North El Molino Avenue, also in District 3.

As proposed, the building will have 10,656 square feet of commercial space, 115 residential units and a combination of at-grade and subterranean parking. Various commercial buildings are currently standing on the project site; these are proposed to be demolished.

The City’s Department of Planning and Community Development is recommending approval of the application for Final Design Review for this project, after the Commission last year approved the removal of one protected tree and the relocation of four protected trees under Pasadena’s Tree Protection Ordinance.

The Design Commission meets at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, at the City Council Chambers, Room S249 at City Hall.

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