Developer Proposes to Demolish Old Commercial Buildings, Build 64 Townhomes in Northwest Pasadena

Published : Sunday, April 22, 2018 | 8:46 PM

The Pasadena City Council on Monday will be briefed on a plan to build 64 townhome units in a compound at 1307 through 1355 Lincoln Avenue and 460 through 466 West Washington Boulevard in Northwest Pasadena, a site consisting of four lots with a total approximate size of 106,000 square feet – or 2.4 acres – currently occupied by aging commercial and residential buildings.

The project is listed as an information item in the City Council agenda for Monday. The developer, Lincoln Bedroom Project LLC, has submitted a Predevelopment Plan Review (PPR) application to develop the properties on the site.

An Agenda Report prepared by the Department of Planning and Community Development showed the project will involve the demolition of the existing buildings on the site and construction of 64 for-sale detached town homes, including nine units designated for moderate-income households. Currently, the site is dual zoned as Lincoln Avenue Specific Plan -Commercial Limited (LASP-CL) and Single Family Residential at six dwelling units per acre (RS-6).

With the Predevelopment Plan Review process established in the Pasadena Zoning Code, the City and the applicant are obligated to start early consultations so that applicant can be familiar with the regulations and procedures that apply to the project, and can avoid significant investment in the design of a project that has no preliminary input from City staff.

The PPR process also helps to identify issues that may arise during processing of the application, such as community concerns and consistency with City regulations and policies.

Plans and illustrations submitted to the Planning and Community Development Department showed the project will feature rows of three-story townhomes aligned along a series of internal drive aisles. Planning staff said the the applicant has completed one preliminary consultation review with the Design Commission, where extensive comments were provided; the applicant team is currently studying different options for layout and design of the project based on those comments, the Agenda Report said.

The current plan is already a revision of the original plan which proposed a mixed-use project inclusive of commercial uses on the ground floor and 150 residential units above.

A series of consultations with Planning and Community Development Department staff and a Preliminary Consultation with the Design Commission resulted in several comments and suggestions to improve the design and ensure its compatibility with the scale and character of the surrounding neighborhood. Comments from the Historic Preservation Commission have also led to a redesign so the project could capture the spirit of the City of Gardens requirements.

Later on, the project will go through public hearings before the Design Commission, Planning Commission, and the City Council, and an environmental review will also be required before the application is finalized.

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