Now Arriving: Quenelle

When dessert shop Quenelle opened in Burbank last 2013, ice cream lovers and dessert junkies went crazy. With 300 rotating ice cream flavors to choose from and a variety of creative, yummy pastries and sweet treats to snack on, Quenelle became an instant favorite with locals. Fast forward to 2015: Quenelle is finally closer to ...

Happy Healthy Mother’s Day

There’s always a lot of healthy and happy things happening at Real Food Daily. Take Mother’s Day, for example. RFD is a great place every day, but there is something special there for mom on her special day. The Cheese & Wine Special Deal features raw aged cashew cheese, black pepper crackers, truffle mustard, fresh ...

Celebrate the Springtime

Springtime means the rebirth of everything we love. The Italian word for “spring” is “Primavera,” but linguists and linguini lovers alike can check out the real definition by visiting family-owned Domenico’s, one of Pasadena’s oldest restaurants. Their spring menu features not only pizzas (with 20 different toppings to choose from) and pastas, their vast array ...

Two More Great Choices

Here’s the great thing about Valentine’s Day in Pasadena: you have hundreds of great choices. Here’s the bad thing: you have hundreds of great choices. Add Mijares Restaurant to the list of great places to be with the one you love on Valentine’s Day—actually, two more, since Mijares has two locations in Pasadena. Chef Campos ...

Smarter and Healthier

Everyone wants to eat a healthy lunch. And that includes the staff of The Flintridge Proper, where they’ve recently expanded their Farm-to-Table Lunch Offerings with lots of new quick and healthy choices including new market salads, new sandwiches and a new burger menu featuring their house-ground, grass-fed beef. The Farmer’s Market Chopped, for example, is ...

Pasadena's Dining Blog

Pasadena’s Trattoria Neapolis Out, Orange County’s Bru Grill In

  Orange County’s Bru Grill is making moves into Pasadena, landing a new location on Lake Avenue where the beautiful Trattoria Neapolis used to be.   Trattoria closed on February 1, weeks after a menu and chef overhaul which brought in chef Clinton McCann and dropped much of the pasta in favor of an Italian ...

Luna Grill Brings Mediterranean Flair

  Finding healthy options while dining out can be a challenge but choosing a place to grab a healthy lunch or dinner just got a little easier, thanks to Luna Grill.   Since 2004, Luna Grill has been serving fresh Mediterranean cuisine like freshly made kabobs, falafel, salads, hummus, wraps, desserts and wine. All foods, ...

Fish on Tap Rolls Out Craft Beer and Fresh Fish

  Despite its unusual name, Fish on Tap may just be your next favorite place to drink, dine and hang out. This casual, high quality restaurant feels like the perfect place to meet an old friend for dinner – neither the food nor the atmosphere will disappoint.   From the stylish wooden bar with metal ...

Make Lunch Your Favorite Meal of the Day

    Just 5 minutes drive from Hastings Ranch, Plate 38 restaurant offers a great spot for your next lunch break. Whether you are trying to get out of the office for a while or take a break during your adventures in San Marino Huntington Gardens, the restaurant is a perfect meeting spot.   They ...

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Music and Food

Video from previous Cinco de Mayo celebration.   Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with delicious food and great music. Paco’s offers tasty Mexican food and a love for their customers all in a Festive Atmosphere. Join them for their Big Tent Cinco de Mayo Celebration Party with money-saving meal options on Thursday the 5th of May. ...

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  • Sushi Roku Takes a Different Approach

    Take it from a longtime sushi fanatic: Don’t make it cute. Don’t make it different because you can. Go easy on mashing up things that were never meant to all mashed up and whatnot. That out of the way,  Sushi Roku is introducing a new menu! And it’s pretty great. Pasadena’s Sushi Roku, which, along ...

    A Healthier Way to Fly

    Off to follow your path, or just heading out of town on a business trip? Before you visit any one of the scores of fast-food burger bins at LAX, you might want to head over to Terminal Four. Real Food Daily, a unique organic plant-based restaurant with locations in Pasadena, Santa Monica, and West Hollywood, ...

    Jay-Z and Beyoncé Get Fresher

      Only the most powerful couple in the world outside of Pennsylvania Avenue have gone vegan! At least for now. Rapper/Mogul Jay-Z recently announced the beginning of a 22-day vegan challenge on his blog, Life+times. He also announced that pop and soul queen/wife Beyoncé would be joining him. And where did they go to start ...

    Spice Up Your Holiday Palate With Mijares Tamales

    This is Southern California. With the warmer-than-the-rest-of-the-country sunshiny holiday weather, let’s keep up our local frontier traditions and do fresh and spicy Mexican cuisine this season. So what are the newest ideas coming out the kitchen at Pasadena’s oldest Mexican restaurant, Mijares? After being voted once again the Best Mexican Food and Best Margaritas winner ...

    Meat District Co’s Street Dog: A Hit on the Streets

    Are you a big fan of hotdogs? Avocadoes? Both? You’re in for a superb treat as Meat District Co. recently launched its Street Dog, a foot-long hotdog made with American Wagyu Beef and topped with avocadoes. Scott from Meat District Co. enumerates the other ingredients that make Street Dog the newest star in their menu: ...


    Foie Gras Is Back. Here’s One Local Culinary Director’s Take

    Foie gras is back. The duck liver pate, banned for years due to animal cruelty concerns but loved for its luxurious texture, is now available in California restaurants again. We spoke with Culinary Director of the Pasadena Dog Haus Michael Brown to find out his reactions to the lift and to hear if he has ...


    Hope Cafe and Catering: Delivering Delicious Food and Hope

    Not just your average catering company, Hope Cafe and Catering has the experience and staff to take on the biggest or the smallest of events Housed in an unassuming location off Foothill Boulevard, Hope Cafe and Catering makes its home. Utilizing a cavernous space, Hope Cafe has a kitchen worthy of Master Chef and is ...


    A Sweet Summer

    Real Food Daily is getting into the spirit of summer with some unique new menu items as well as new desserts. The new summer menu includes Ceviche, a perennial summer favorite with coconut meat, king oyster mushroom, heirloom cherry tomato, orange bell pepper, avocado, cilantro, citrus marinade, and blue corn chips. Go “Under the Tahitian ...


    New Chef, New Menu Items and Lots of Sake: Osawa Turns 1

    In a city filled with culinary outposts that honor cuisines from all across the world, one stands out for offering a unique, authentic and heartfelt representation of Japanese food from taste to presentation. Osawa has been delighting guests with their outstanding approach to hospitality, and mouthwatering menu offerings, ever since their launch one year ago. ...


    Treat Yourself to Something Different: Zilin Restaurant

    Zilin offers a menu that’s familiar, yet not. Chef Kyle and Jon’s dishes are a fusion of Asian Pacific Islands with notes of Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, and an emphasis on the Philippine Islands. Many of the dishes are piquant instead of sweet with the traditional Philippines’ emphasis on vinegar. I was looking forward to tasting ...


    Today: A Better Reward

    Give your blood for a cookie and a cap of watery punch? We know you don’t donate for the food, but now Real Food Daily wants to really reward donors for this very special donation. In the spirit of giving, RFD will support blood donors with rejuvenating snacks and a free entrée. The Huntington Hospital ...


    Feel the Love

    For so many in the world, Italy is the land of romance. From delicate works of art and literature that celebrate love, to more than 100 ways to say “I love you,” to food and wine that will make you swoon with happiness, Italy has earned its reputation. Trattoria Neapolis will take all that Italy ...


    A History of Love

    Valentine’s Day rears its lovely head soon, and Pasadena is chock full of romantic spots for lovers to meet and celebrate. So maybe a place with history, with handsome gentlemen strolling through the place, serenading you and yours, and special dishes made just for the day, would fit the bill? That would describe El Portal ...


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