Photo Gallery: Doo Dah Parade Queen Named: A Woman Called 007

The Doo-Dah Queen HopefulsMaster of CeremoniesTom Coston, President of Parade Host, the Lightbringer ProjectQueen 007 Groovin with XXX as Snotty Scottie and the Hankies performGrand Marshall Alan Zorthiam dances up a stormA new Queen Reigns


5:31 am | April 8, 2013

Queen 007 reigns triumphant at the Doo-Dah Parade Queen Tryouts.

Zippitity doo dah zippitity day my o my what a wonderful parade. Plenty of laughter comin your way. Zippity doo dah to the Doo Dah Parade.

At the official scene of royal mayhem, the tryouts for the Doo-Dah Parade’s Queen, a “pirate” named 007  was crowned Queen for the 36th occasional Doo Dah Parade. Held at the American Legion on Sunday, April 7, the try-outs were attended by a larger crowd than usual with at least 50 judges in attendance and many more queen hopefuls and fans of the parade.

With this widely known to be wacky crowd no one knows what to expect except that people will be silly with laughter and have a down right good time.

The thing that won it for Susann Edwards as 007 might have been the Elixirs she had her personal chef handing out to the judges. Her riveting performance with a guitar soloist was spectacular and her witty responses to the judge’s questions made her a solid choice for this year’s Queen.

While no cake throwing occurred like in previous years, Miss Pie made a spectacular and memorable performance showing her one and only love for pizza through a creative dance with pizza to Johnny Mathis’ song.

“Right in our backyard is the wildest thing going in Los Angeles and the most creative event that LA has to offer. I usually call it Venice Beach on Parade, something to that effect,” the World Champion Whistling Diva, Carole Anne Kaufman said. “It’s just a wonderful place where you can come express yourself in whatever way you want to.”

The Doo Dah began in 1978 as an irreverent alternative to the traditional formality of the Rose Parade by Peter Apanel and friends. The parade was later sold to the Lightbringer Project for one dollar. This twisted sister of the Rose Parade has gained national recognition for its eccentricity and originality.

“My favorite part is that people from all walks of life are out here letting loose and having fun together,” Tom Coston, President of the Lightbringer Project, said.

Attendees literally let their hair down and went wild on the dance floor as Former Queen Erica Valentine played an impressive guitar solo.

The night also featured legendary Snotty Scotty and the Hankies—the signature band of Doo Dah, Horses on Astroturf, many former Queens, including the reigning Queen Patrizzi Intergarlactica, Skittles, Mickie, Tequila, Sue the Ref, Grand Marshal Alan Zorthian, Goofball Judges, Andrew, Duke of Doo Dah and the unique guest Charles F. Delvalle, dressed as Uncle Fester from the Adams Family TV show.

The new Grand Marshal Alan Zorthian will lead hundreds of Doo Dah marchers and revelers on Saturday, April 27th, stepping off at 11am in East Pasadena on Colorado Boulevard (between Altadena and San Gabriel Boulevards).

This year’s spectacle will see the return of such wildly diverse entries as a fleet of motorized Kinetic Pastry Science Mobile Muffins, Captain McHogwash’s Amazing Chundra, a humungous robotic spitting cat named Boo-Boo Kitty, combined bands of the 35th Dragoon Guards, Senior Grouchier, Balkan Brass Band, Mile High Bed, Easy Acres Chicken Sitters, oddly-attired sound inventors known as The Highland Park Thursday Evening Gentlemen’s Society Circuit Bending Marching Band & Ladies’ Auxiliary, crowd favorite Disco Drill Team, real American Bandstanders, OC NRML, The Billionaires, Occupy Doo Dah, Quilting Bees, Whistling Diva, The Bra-Ettes, L.A. Derby Dolls, classic, scary clowns, BBQ & Hibachi Marching Grill Team, Hare Kirshna Chanters, Howdy Krishna, and the immortal Doo Dah house band Snotty Scotty & the Hankies, and many more!

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