Dr. Jane Goodall Shares Unique Insights, Inspires Students at Mayfield Junior School

Published : Friday, April 12, 2019 | 4:37 AM

World-renowned anthropologist Dr. Jane Goodall visited Mayfield Junior School in Pasadena to share insight into her nearly 60 years of groundbreaking research that redefined the relationship between humans and animals and shaped the conversation of conservation in the 21st century.

During her nearly one hour talk, Dr. Goodall emphasized to the audience of how connected everything is in our complex world. She shared that in order to save many of the endangered species on earth we need to find ways to eliminate the abject poverty that so often pushes people to turn to making detrimental choices.

Headmaster Joseph J. Gill remarked prior to the presentation, “Dr. Goodall, you are a hero who has not only influenced a community and specific species, but someone who has literally changed the way we all look at the world in which we live. There are very few people who we can directly thank for making the world a better place, and it is truly an honor to have that chance to thank you today.”

Goodall is the founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and is a UN Messenger of Peace that travels 300 days a year all around the world. Her message is to encourage us to take action on behalf of all living things and care for the planet that we all share.

Following the presentation, Student Body President Luke Cronthall presented Dr. Goodall with Mayfield gifts and thanked her on behalf of the MJS community for her inspirational words.

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