Early Birds Catch the Best Classes: PCC Registration Starts June 27

Published : Tuesday, June 25, 2019 | 4:49 AM

Pasadena City College is opening registration for its fall session on Thursday, June 27, just days after summer classes started. Classes for the fall session are scheduled to start on August 26.

Alex Boekelheide, Executive Director of Strategic Communications and Marketing at PCC, said summer classes started last Wednesday, with more than 13,100 students now taking classes. Enrollment for this session is up 3.8 percent compared to last summer, he said.

“Our summer students have a wide range of backgrounds – local students getting ahead on their college classes, young professionals looking to try something new, older folks staying active and engaged in topics of interest to them,” Boekelheide said. “Lots of classes meet in the evening and the weekend, and at only $46 per unit, the price of knowledge is very affordable.”

More than 50 of these classes offer Zero Textbook Cost options, which means books and other learning materials are available at no cost through the Open Educational Resources (OER) initiative, which provides high-quality teaching, learning, and research resources – including full courses, course materials, modules, textbooks, faculty-created content, streaming videos, tests, software – and any other tools, materials, or techniques used to support access to knowledge.

PCC’s OER initiative is in keeping with the California College Textbook Affordability Act of 2015, which aims to reduce costs for college students by encouraging faculty to accelerate the adoption of lower cost, high-quality open educational resources.

Earlier this year,  Rice University-based publisher OpenStax announced PCC students were saving more money on textbooks than those at any other college or university in the United States, by using free OpenStax textbooks.

In the 2017-2018 school year, over 46,000 PCC students used their free textbooks, saving an estimated $4.2 million, the publisher said.

Boekelheide said prospective PCC students can look at a wide range of introductory courses that could catch their interest. These include Introduction to the Administration of Justice: History and Background of the Criminal Justice System; art history, drawing, and metalworking classes in the Visual Arts and Media Studies division; elementary Italian, French, and Chinese through PCC’s Languages Division; modern and hip-hop dance courses through the Performing and Communication Arts Division; and math, English, and STEM courses for local students hoping to get ahead on their educational goals.

“Lots of PCC students transfer to other colleges or finish a degree or certificate for their work, but that’s just a slice of the whole picture,” Boekelheide said. “For years PCC has been a place where people go to try something new – and what would summer be without a new adventure?”

Students can search for their fall class schedules online through Lancer Point, https://selfservice.pasadena.edu/prod/pw_psearch_sched.p_search, or by visiting www.pasadena.edu/get-started.

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