Early Voting for June 5th's Mid-Term Election Now Underway

Pasadena Voters Can Get a Jump on Casting Their Ballots

Published : Friday, May 25, 2018 | 5:21 AM

The early voting process for California’s mid-term primary election has started. Pasadena residents can mail their ballots, drop them off at the Hastings Branch Library or go to the early voting site to cast your ballot in person on the weekend before the election.

If you plan to vote by mail, you can now register to request a Vote by Mail package from the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk (click here), who will send your ballot with instructions on how to fill it and send it back or drop it off at a designated location.

Before Election Day, June 5, you can mail your Vote by Mail ballot or drop it off in person at the Pasadena Public Library Hastings Branch, at 3325 E. Orange Grove Blvd.

The library will be open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 1 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, to receive your voting package, which includes your filled ballot.

You may also drop off your Vote by Mail package at any polling place.

Then on Saturday and Sunday, June 2 and 3, the  Jackie Robinson Community Center at 1020 N. Fair Oaks Ave. in Pasadena will be open for early voting from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

In addition to state mid-term primaries, the election will address one Pasadena Area Community College District seat and put four Pasadena measures before local voters.

The PACC Trustee Area No. 1′s seat is essentially uncontested. Candidate Ross Selvidge ceased campaigning in April, too late for his name to be removed from the ballot. The sole remaining active candidate for the position is Sandra Chen Lau.

Measure AA would require that City Council elections move from March and April of odd-numbered years to June and November in even-numbered years to coincide with statewide elections, as is required by a recently passed State law but which cannot be effected in Pasadena unless voters approve the change to the City’s Charter.

If Measure AA is approved, every Pasadena City Councilmember would remain on the council for an additional 19 months in order for the “synch up” with the State’s schedule.

Measure BB would similarly require the Pasadena Board of Education to hold elections in accordance with the State, also, and they would be run on a majority-wins format, eliminating runoff elections.

Measure CC would repeal the City’s ban on marijuana dispensaries but limit their number, density, and location.

Measure DD would establish a marijuana sales tax. Retail businesses would be taxed at 6 percent, and all other marijuana-related businesses at 4 percent.

All voting processes, including registration, are listed at the Los Angeles Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk website, www.lavote.net/home/voting-elections. The site also has downloadable voter registration forms and sample ballots.

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