Easterseals Advocates Thank Local Assemblymember

Published : Friday, August 24, 2018 | 4:46 AM

Advocates from Easterseals Southern California visited the offices of Assemblymember Chris Holden in Pasadena recently to thank the legislator and his staff for their tremendous work in securing $25 million in funding from the legislature that would allow developmental disability service providers to begin to bridge the gap between the new minimum wage requirements and service provider payment rates.

Holden is the main author of Assembly Bill 279 which seeks to amend certain sections of the state’s Welfare and Institutions Code relating to developmental disabilities and the manner of establishing provider rates for services and support to persons with developmental disabilities.

“With the passing of Assembly Bill 279, we will be able to continue to provide vital services and support to individuals with developmental disabilities,” Vicki Greenleaf, a spokesperson for Easterseals Southern California, said in a statement.

The bill has passed the state Assembly and is now in the first committee process at the state Senate.

The group that visited Holden’s office was led by Easterseals Southern California Vice President of Adult Day Services Dee Prescott, and Easterseals Southern California Program Director Brian Nguyen.

As a nonprofit, Easterseals Southern California provides aid to over 10,000 people throughout the region, at its 22 adult day services sites throughout Los Angeles, Riverside, Imperial and San Diego and Orange counties. The organization also has programs like day care for children with disabilities, autism therapy, child development and early education, employment services, veteran employment support, and independent living options.

For more information about Easterseals Southern California, visit www.easterseals.com/southerncal.

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