Employment Fair Brings Nonprofits to Job Seekers Looking For Purposeful Careers

Published : Friday, March 9, 2018 | 6:25 AM

For a city well-known for its large number of cultural and charitable organizations, this week’s Mission Match Job Fair, designed to give nonprofits a platform for recruiting job seekers interested in pursuing careers with greater-good purpose, was perhaps inevitable.

The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce launched its first-ever Mission Match Job Fair at Pasadena City College Wednesday with 23 local nonprofits treated to a steady flow of hopeful job seekers who interacted with hiring managers on a face-to-face basis.

“Every organization has their mission and folks can connect through that particular mission to see if that’s a job that’s within their wheelhouse, or at least something they’re feeling a little bit more purposeful about when they come to work,” said Amy Foell, Pasadena Chamber of Commerce Director of Workforce Development.

Foell says the idea for Mission Match was created by the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce Board Chair Robin McCarthy, whose focus has been on creating jobs for the city’s youth and fostering greater cooperation between businesses and nonprofit groups.

“Apparently, the non-profit community in Pasadena has a hard time recruiting candidates and we thought ‘what can we do to assist them in finding stellar candidates for the organization?’ ” said Foell. “The idea is it’s really to support the non-profit community and really just job seekers that need to find jobs.

Mission Match was born.

According to Foell, approximately 78 percent of people are not engaged at their jobs.

“We really just want folks to be more engaged with their work, happier, productive people and then on the flipside with the job seeker, we really want people to find work and that’s a huge thing,” said Foell.

Studies show that approximately 98% of resumes get rejected when they get sent in through online databases. This digital obstacle is something the job fair is designed to eliminate for those looking for work.

“What’s cool about a job fair is we’re taking away the computer; this is people meeting people and it’s kind of like the gatekeeper has been removed and you can show up face to face, connect with someone and really make an impact in that way and that might be getting around that barrier of automation or whatever else we have that gets in the way of us actually getting hired,” explained Foell.

The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce plans to host another Mission Match Job Fair in the near future.

“We hope we can be of service year over year. This is our first time doing it, we’ll see how it goes and next year, we’ll probably be back here on campus helping people get jobs,” said Foell.

Those who missed the job fair and are interested in learning more about job opportunities at nonprofits can contact Amy Foell by email at amy@pasadena-chamber.org or by calling (626) 795-3355.

Youth work opportunities can also be found by visiting pasadenayouthworks.org.

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