Pasadena’s Tetra Tech Wins $21 Million Ecological and Human Health Contract

Published : Wednesday, December 11, 2019 | 1:22 PM

Pasadena-based Tetra Tech announced Wednesday that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Science and Technology (EPA/OST) awarded Tetra Tech a $21 million, single-award contract to support the Agency’s mission in assessing and managing threats to ecological and human health.

EPA/OST is responsible for developing science-based and technological foundations to achieve clean water through national programs that protect people and the aquatic environment.

Under the five-year contract, Tetra Tech will evaluate the fate and transport of contaminants and pathogens using advanced predictive models, and assess risks to ecological and human health. Scientists in Tetra Tech’s in-house ecotoxicology laboratory will analyze water, fish tissue, and sediment samples to determine the geographic extent and severity of various contaminants of concern.

Tetra Tech also will support EPA in compiling, maintaining, and performing advanced analytics on large-scale, national environmental datasets. Tetra Tech researchers will use the information from these datasets to prepare technical reports, design monitoring programs, and create guidance documents to advance the protection of ecological and human health.

“Tetra Tech has supported EPA’s Office of Science and Technology in developing science-based approaches using advanced analytics for more than 25 years,” said Dan Batrack, Tetra Tech Chairman and CEO. “We look forward to continuing our work supporting EPA in applying science to manage the risks of contaminants to human health and the environment.”

About Tetra Tech

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